NFL Divisional Playoff Picks

January 10, 2014

Saints at Seahawks (Saturday 4:35pm)
Rain and a a very loud 12th man in Seattle could stunt that stout Saints offense.  So could a very good Seahawks defense.  The x-factor will be the very inconsistent QB play of Russell Wilson.  Which ones shows up could be the difference between a blowout and an upset.
Winner: Seahawks

Colts at Patriots (Saturday 8:15pm)
After all is said and done, it’ll be the Patriots running game that should be the difference.  The Patriots are almost a lock in the Divisional Round after getting the 1st round bye (only a loss to the Jets in the 2010 Playoffs blemishes the Brady/Belichick record).  That having been said, the Colts and Andrew Luck should still be around to make things interesting in the fourth quarter Saturday night.
Winner: Patriots

49ers at Panthers (Sunday 1pm)
SF is hands down playing the best football in the NFL right now.  Home, away, warm, cold, rain, snow, it hasn’t mattered lately.  The question is can the Panthers defense hold the Niners down long enough (like they did in November in SF) so that Cam Newton and the Panthers offense can make enough plays to win.
Winner: 49ers

Chargers at Broncos (Sunday 4:40pm)
It’s the spot Peyton Manning fans dread most.  The 1 and done spot. Peyton’s 9-11 playoff record speaks to that in the 3rd matchup of the season between these two (each winning on the road). It’s hard to see Manning acting like Andy Dalton did last week.
Winner: Broncos

Last week: 2-2
Season: 168-90-1


NFL Divisional Playoffs Picks

January 10, 2013

Ravens at Broncos (Saturday 4:30pm)
Could this be Ray Lewis’ last stand? Can Peyton Manning shake his sub-par 9-10 Playoff Record (7 times he’s lost his first playoff game)? Or will it be a continuation of his dominance over the Ravens: 9-2 vs. Ravens including 9 straight wins and 2-0 in postseason.  Another quick stat: Manning is 0-3 in playoff games where temps are below 40 degrees (1 TD and 7 INT’s). Saturday’s temps in Denver will be in near 20 degrees.
Winner: Broncos

Packers at Bronocos (Saturday 8pm)
This one comes down to the trenches.  If the Niners can get after Aaron Rodgers enough to slow him down, they can move on.  If they can’t, it could be another long night by the Bay and the Packers will have revenge for the Niners week 1 win in Green Bay.
Winner: Packers

Seahawks at Falcons (Sunday 1pm)
Suddenly, the Seahawks are America’s darlings.  There’s a good reason for it: they’re the fastest team top to bottom in the playoffs. Seattle will miss leading sacker Chris Clemons, who blew out his ACL in the win last Sunday against the Redskins. Atlanta and Matt Ryan have to prove their not just a regular season fluke.
Winner: Seahawks

Texans at Patriots (Sunday 4:30pm)
New England thumped the Texans 42-14 just a month ago in Foxboro.  If it’s going to be any different, Matt Schaub is going to have come up huge and outplay Tom Brady, who with a win will surpass Joe Montana for most playoff wins of all-time (now tied at 16).  Do you like those odds?
Winner: Patriots

Last Week: 4-0
Season: 175-84-1