Clearing the Deck – NFL Week 12

A wild and wacky week 12 around the NFL…

* The Cardinals are 7-4 and in the NFC Wild Card race. Let that sink in for awhile.

* The Packers are still winless without Aaron Rodgers. They didn’t lose, but they didn’t win against the Vikings either.

* Ties, really?! In 2013, we really still have ties in the NFL!

* No late game breakdown for Tony Romo this week.  The Cowboys are back atop the NFC East, tied with the Eagles.

* Yes, the Bears gave up 258 yards rushing to the Rams Sunday and that’s with #1 back Zac Stacy leaving early with a concussion.

* The Lions just can’t stand prosperity.  Witness, Matt Stafford’s 4 INT’s and a home loss to the Bucs.

* The Panthers win again (7 straight), but doesn’t it look like they get a lot of calls from the zebras these days?

* Don’t count out the Chargers (5-6), who with the 41-38 shootout win in KC, climb back into the AFC Playoff chase.

* The same can be said of the Titans (5-6), who get a final second victory in Oakland.

* Ditto the Steelers (5-6) and Ravens (5-6), with wins over the Browns and Jets respectively.

* It’s official, the Texans are the worst team in the NFL after a 10-6 home loss to the Jags. As Andre Johnson says about the Houston offense, “We suck!”


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