Clearing the Deck – NFL Week 7

Clearing the deck for week 7 of the NFL…

* Yes, it’s a rule on the NFL books, but what a horrible way to decide an NFL game as the seldom (first time ever) called “pushing your own player ahead on a field goal attempt” is called against the Patriots, negating a 56-yard FG miss by Nick Folk and giving the Jets another easier attempt later in overtime.

* Talk about an offensive show – check out the replay of the Lions/Bengals in which Calvin Johnson and AJ Greene blow the roof off Ford Field with a combined 310 yards (each with 155 yards) and 3 TD’s.

* Ho hum, the 49ers keep motoring on.

* Ditto for the Kansas City Chiefs, now 7-0 and on a collision course with 2 meetings in 3 weeks with the Broncos late in November.

* Talk about going from bad to worse for the Texans? At one point, Houston was playing with Case Keenum at QB and no Arian Foster & Ben Tate in the backfield due to injuries.

* If only the Dolphins could play offensively.  Talk about your costly fumbles, Ryan Tannehill.

* Wow, how bad were the Eagles Sunday?

* Jay Cutler’s groin is now topic #1 in Chicago.

* Don’t count the Steelers out yet. A couple of back-to-back wins have given Pittsburgh new life in the AFC North.

* Sam Bradford goes down in St.Louis and yes, the Tim Tebow rumors to the Rams has already begun.

* Can things get any worse in Tampa? Now Doug Martin has a shoulder injury.

* Yup, the Jaguars are still the worst in the league.


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