Clearing the Deck for NFL Week 6

Clearing the deck for NFL week 6…

* Congrats to Tom Brady on his first ever NFL win over Drew Brees. What do you think he’s thinks of his young receivers after an epic last minute win topped by a dramatic TD catch by Kenbrell Thompkins with 5 seconds left that knocks off the previously undefeated Saints?

* Have a day Vernon Davis!

* At some point, the Seahawks will have to address their offensive line protection problems in order to get Russell Wilson to the next level.

* The Jags covered.  Enough said.

* The Ravens are so far from where they were eight months ago.

* The Dolphins may not want to admit it, but Reggie Bush is making a HUGE difference in Detroit.

* The Jets are inconsistent for a reason. No real surprise the Steelers got their first win this week against them.

* Yes America, the Chiefs are for real.  Especially that defense!

* Can things get any worse in Tampa?

* The same can be said for Houston. Schaub is hurt and TJ Yates keeps the pick-six streak alive at five.

* Bengals, please say thank you for the bad football being played around the AFC North.

* Welcome back from obscurity Cam Newton (4 TD’s)!

* Thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Vikings Adrian Peterson, who played just days after receiving the news about the death of his 2-year old.



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