Clearing the Deck – NFL Week 5

Clearing the deck for Week 5 of the NFL season….

* Talk about your stinkburger! The Patriots don’t score a TD and Tom Brady doesn’t throw a TD for the first time in 52 games (52 passer rating, 197 yards, 1 INT) as the Bengals beat the Pats, 13-6. The good news is that Rob Gronkowski should be back next week. The bad new: they play the undefeated Saints in Foxboro.

* Speaking of the Saints, what a difference a coach and some structure can make, right?

* Even despite throwing 5 TD’s and for over 500 yards, it’s still Tony Romo being Tony Romo as a late INT hands the Broncos a 51-48 win in Dallas.

* The bloom sure is off the Dolphins rose.

* The Colts are for real! Just ask the Seahawks and 49ers.

* Ditto for the Chiefs, even though they did beat backup QB Ryan Fitzpatick in Tennessee. We may see this rematch again in January.

* AT 0-5, we can officially put the Giants on the 2014 clock.

* We can officially put the Eagles on the QB controversy clock, even though it may not matter with Michael Vick injured and Nick Foles taking his place.

* What the heck has happened to Cam Newton? 3 more INT’s and another loss.

* Another pick-6 for Matt Schaub? Seriously! That’s already four this season. Historically bad.

* Ho-hum, another loss in Wisconsin for the Lions – that’s 23 in a row for the Packers.


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