NFL Picks – Week 5

Bills at Browns (Thursday, 8:25pm)
When the Browns traded RB Trent Richardson 3 weeks ago, everyone thought the season was over. With a win here, Cleveland would be 3-0 after the trade with QB Brian Hoyer at the helm.
Winner: Browns

Patriots at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)
The Pats receiving corps is down to signing WR Austin Collie. Crazy! Yet, they’re still undefeated.
Winner: Patriots

Ravens at Dolphins (Sunday 1pm)
The Dolphins D can’t be any worse than Monday night in New Orleans. Heavy dose of Ray Rice should be on tap for Baltimore.
Winner: Dolphins

Saints at Bears (Sunday 1pm)
The Sean Payton welcome back tour is 4-0. Things won’t be so welcoming in the Windy City.
Winner: Bears

Jaguars at Rams (Sunday 1pm)
10 days off and a gift from the NFL is on tap in St.Louis for the Rams.
Winner: Rams

Eagles at Giants (Sunday 1pm)
Think of it this way Giants fans, you’re only 2 games out of first place. Not bad for an 0-4 team.
Winner: Giants

Lions at Packers (Sunday 1pm)
A rested Packers after the bye week. RB Eddie Lacy returns from a concussion. Lambeau is always a horror show for Detroit. Get the picture?
Winner: Packers

Chiefs at Titans (Sunday 1pm)
If QB Jake Locker were healthy (hip), things might be different. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is no Jake Locker.
Winner: Chiefs

Seahawks at Colts (Sunday 1pm)
Perfect spot for the Colts to do a two-step over the NFC’s best after already routing the 49ers two weeks ago.
Winner: Colts

Panthers at Cardinals (Sunday 4pm)
Would it surprise you to know that the Cardinals have allowed fewer points than the 49ers (69-79)? Or that the Panthers have given up just 36 points in 3 games?
Winner: Cardinals

Broncos at Cowboys (Sunday 4:25pm)
Can anyone stop Peyton Manning? Not likely to happen in Dallas this week.
Winner: Broncos

Texans at 49ers (Sunday 8:30pm)
The 49ers must be licking their chops after watching Matt Schaub throw away a sure victory to the Seahawks last week.
Winner: 49ers

Chargers at Raiders (Sunday 11:35pm)
Midnight special for you folks in the East! QB Phillip Rivers looks amazing so far for the Bolts (11 TD’s, 1199 passing yards).
Winner: Chargers

Jets at Falcons (Monday 8:40pm)
No need to watch the 2nd half here. Unless you want to hear a ton of time-filling Jon Gruden “Chucky-isms.”
Winner: Falcons

Last week: 10-4
Season: 44-18


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