Clearing the Deck – NFL Week 3

Clearing the deck for NFL Week 3…

* Has the Patriots offense figured it out? Brady to Thompkins for 2 TD’s in 23-3 win over the Bucs.

* It really is that simple Cowboys – run the ball and things are much easier.  Just ask DeMarco Murray (175 rush yards) and Tony Romo (3 TD’s).

* So which Houston Texans team is for real? The team that’s fallen behind in every game so far this season or the team that’s played well in 2 fourth quarter wins?

* Maybe the Browns know something the rest of us do not – Brian Hoyer throws 3 TD’s and engineers a come from behind victory over the Vikings.

* Welcome to the sophomore slump RGIII.  That’s 0-3 for Mr. DC.

* Beware the New Orleans Saints. Brees and Co. are rolling early in the Big Easy at 3-0.

* Ugh if you’re a Giants fan. 0-3 and shutout 38-0 at Carolina. Now, that’s a bad way to start your week.

* It wasn’t pretty, but the Bengals will take the roller coaster win over Green Bay (up 14, down 16, up 4).

* Didn’t take long for Trent Richardson to make an impact in Indy! Who saw that thrashing of the 49ers coming?

* These may not be your same ol’ Dolphins, folks! Games against the Falcons, down by 3 late in the fourth quarter Sunday, are ones they usually lose in September.

* Boy is Jacksonville bad!


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