Clearing the Deck – NFL Week 2

Clearing the deck for week 2 of the NFL season…

* Raise your hand if you picked both the Dolphins to be tied atop the AFC East with the Patriots with two road wins to start the season. OK, now admit you’re not telling the truth.

* The Bears survive in the final seconds…again.

* That’s a big boy finish for the Bills EJ Manuel.

* Here’s hoping the injury to Ray Rice is nothing serious for the Ravens.

* Two weeks and two furious fourth quarter comebacks for the Texans. It’s those victories that’ll make them tough to beat in December. Mental toughness.

* Maybe the Redskins will ask the NFL to only play the second halves of games this season.

* Aaron Rodgers is just plain scary good right now.

* All that hype about the Chiefs seems warranted so far. Next up: Andy Reid’s family reunion in Philly Thursday night.

* They may have lost, but keep an eye on the Rams Bradford to Austin combination.

* Have a game Doug Martin! 144 yards for DM is a hard-fought way to rebound to a disappointing week 1 loss to the Jets. Unfortunately, the Bucs still lose on another last second FG to the Saints.

* Could it be that the Raiders are actually better than we thought?

* Hey, Little Bro, I’m still undefeated against you. Signed, Peyton!


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