NFL Week 2 Picks

Jets at Patriots (Thursday 8:25pm)
Is there anyone left not injured on the Patriots offense not named Tom Brady? No Gronk, No Amendola, No Vereen….
Winner: Patriots

Dolphins at Colts (Sunday 1pm)
Early season test for the Dolphins.
Winner: Colts

Rams at Falcons (Sunday 1pm)
Big questions at WR for Atlanta with early season injuries to Roddy White and Julio Jones.
Winner: Falcons

Cowboys at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm)
Get on the Chiefs bandwagon early folks.
Winner: Chiefs

Titans at Texans (Sunday 1pm)
24 points in the 4th quarter and a come from behind win in week 1 in SD bodes well for Houston.
Winner: Texans

Redskins at Packers (Sunday 1pm)
RG III can’t be as bad in the first half this week can he?
Winner: Packers

Browns at Ravens (Sunday 1pm)
Sorry Cleveland, Baltimore’s had 10 days to simmer on the Peyton Pounding on opening night.
Winner: Ravens

Panthers at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Cam Newton is licking his chops with this one.
Winner: Bills

Vikings at Bears (Sunday 1pm)
When will the Vikings realize that just Adrian Peterson is not enough.
Winner: Bears

Saints at Bucs (Sunday 4pm)
Bucs held a players only meeting after handing the Jets a week one win. Wonder what they’ll do after getting beat by a real QB.
Winner: Saints

Lions at Cardinals (Sunday 4pm)
Can you say shootout!
Winner: Cardinals

Jaguars at Raiders (Sunday 4:25pm)
Dawg game of the week that almost no one will see. Almost.
Winner: Raiders

Broncos at Giants (Sunday 4:25pm)
The Manning Bowl! Don’t expect 7 TD’s from Peyton. Don’t expect a 2nd loss for Eli.
Winner: Giants

49ers at Seahawks (Sunday 8:30pm)
Game of the day! The Battle for the NFC’s top spot is realized once more.
Winner: Seahawks

Steelers at Bengals (Sunday 8:40pm)
It’s going to be a tough year in Pittsburgh.
Winner: Bengals

Last week: 13-3
Season: 13-3


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