Clearing the Deck – NFL Week 1

Clearing the deck for the 1st Sunday of the NFL season…

* There are no style points in the NFL! A win is a win and a loss is a loss.

* Ask yourself Patriots Nation, would you rather take your growing pains now in September with the young rookies in the offense or do it in December and January.  The trio of Kembrell Thompkins, Zack Sudfeld and Josh Boyce caught just 4 of 17 targets.  That will get better.

* Talk about manning up! Danny Amendola, after coming back from a groin injury setback, catches 10 balls for 104 yards, including two huge catches on the game-winning, fourth quarter drive to beat the Bills.  It helps too that Tom Brady goes 7-7 on that final drive too.

* How do you think the Ravens feel about giving up WR Anquan Boldin (208 yards, TD) up for a sixth round draft pick to the 49ers.

* If you saw the end to the Bucs-Jets game, you probably still don’t believe how TB gave it away.

* The Bengals are still the same ol’ Bengals.

* Keep your eyes on the Rams.

* Ditto for the Chiefs.

* The Steelers lost Maurkice Pouncey and Larry Foote for the year on day 1 and oh yeah, lost to Tennessee…at home.  OUCH!

* Russell Wilson and Jay Cutler get the clutch QB’s not named Tom Brady award for week 1!

* Welcome back Sean Payton! Your impact has already been felt.


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