Hey, Ryan Braun & other thoughts….

Hey Ryan Braun, it’s called Kharma! Maybe if you hadn’t been a d*ck when you got out of your first MLB suspension for PED’s on a technicality, maybe MLB wouldn’t have gone after you so hard. You were dirty then and you’re dirty now. You lied to your fans, MLB and to the World. You tried to ruin a man’s life and reputation – Dino Laurenzi Jr – the collector of Braun’s sample in 2011. Simply put, just go away. And oh yeah, on the way out, maybe you should give the Brewers about $100 million back, give back the tainted NL MVP and say you’re sorry for the Arizona Diamondbacks for cheating your way past them in the NLDS in 2011.

Hey Clay Buchholz, can we now just move on and pitch now!

The Prince is born today. Talk about truly being born with a silver spoon in your mouth!

Football is back!

If you missed it, check out Curt Schilling absolutely schooling Barry Larkin on the Ryan Braun decision on ESPN.

Can David Stern just go away now, please?!


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