Sunday Thoughts – Bye Bye Doc

* To all those Celtics fans who think the Green Team didn’t get enough for Doc Rivers. Let’s be honest, you got a Championship and now you’re getting a 1st round pick for a COACH. That’s a gift my friends. Thank you Clips! Now time to continue the rebuilding process and that means KG and The Truth are next.

* With the Doc compensation, only the Bruins haven’t had compensation involved in getting or getting rid of a head coach. (Belichick/Jets, Doc/Clippers, Farrell/Blue Jays)

* And to think, Patriots Nation thought Rob Gronkowski was the troubled TE. What a tragic mess Aaron Hernandez is!

* The Bruins say that Patrice Bergeron is day and day. Isn’t the whole team at this point?

* Speaking of the Bruins, pack your bags, there will be a Game 7 Wednesday in Chicago!

* What the *^8# has happened to the Red Sox bullpen? Jonathan Papelbon coming back to Boston doesn’t seem so far fetched now does it?

* As Dan Patrick continues to be groundbreaking in sports radio, the local fare continues to disappoint. Salk and Holley is just an abysmal mess while don’t even get me started on the midday embarrassment. Felger and Mazz continue to set the pace even though I hate Tony’s schtick.

* Here’s hoping the WWE continues to take the USA Network’s advice as put more McMahon time on Monday Night RAW! McMahons = RATINGS GOLD

* Are you watching Skywire Sunday night as Nik Wallenda walks the Grand Canyon? Judging by social media, that answer is overwhelmingly YES!


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