An open letter to Doc Rivers

Dear Doc,

I hope you’re enjoying the NBA Finals! As a devout Celtics fan, I sincerely appreciate the nine years you’ve spent as Celtics head coach including leading the Green Team to a World Championship. It’s in the time that you’ve become a Boston icon and one of true, stand-up leaders in Town along with the recently departed Terry Francona. You’ve been a fixture, a person of character and truth and one who never puts his players in a bad public position. For that, we thank you!

Now, here’s where you’ve lost me. Ever since bowing out to the Knicks in the playoffs, you’ve stated once for the record that you’re not sure you’re coming back. Now, off the record through sources, you’re putting out there that it might be time for a change and that you might want to coach somewhere else (LA?) immediately. I’ve always been one who says in sports, if you sign the contract, own up to it. If you want to try to change things in your deal, do it behind closed doors with no leaks to the media. You have three years left on your Boston contract, a whopping $7 million a year that makes you at the top of the list of NBA coaches. If you don’t want to coach here, either because Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce won’t be here, or because it’s going to be a rebuild or even if you don’t want to coach Rajon Rondo and his ego, that’s irrelevant. In the end, it would mean you just want to leave. So, just say so. Do it and get it over with. Stop the pussy-footing around.

Now, there are consequences to that decision of course. The Celtics will decide, as they should, if you can coach next season if you want it to be outside Boston. Great compensation should be gotten should they go down that road. And that of course, means players leaving a team that you may be going to coach. If you want to just walk away and do TV, do that and resign, leaving the $7 million a year on the table. You can’t have it all, Doc. You may want it, but it’s not going to work that way this time. Coaching a team elsewhere or doing tv will not get you $7 million a year.

I don’t blame you if you just don’t want to coach here anymore of if you want a break. But you can’t ask the Celtics to take less to let you go get everything you want. That just wouldn’t be working with the team framework with which you’ve preached for nine years in Boston. Team first, always.

Oh yeah, you could also just come out right now as say everything is status quo and that you will, undoubtedly, be the head coach of the Boston Celtics for the 2013-14 season. It’s your call, Doc. We, as Celtics Nation, would like you to be make it sooner rather than later so that we can make the situation better going forward, not just make the best of a bad situation.

Sincerely yours,
Your friends at The Crowe’s Nest


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