I would…

* Bring Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce back for another season. Garnett averaged 14 boards in the playoffs and can still play, even at age 37. Pierce, despite being turnover happy against the Knicks, should remain a Celtic and could be a valuable 6th man as Jeff Green rolls into the starting 5 with Rondo, Bradley, Garnett, Sullinger and Green.

* Thank NBC for bringing back Parenthood back not only for another season, but for a full 22 episode order. Best show on TV. Period.

* Count on the fact that the Patriots not only will be fine at WR this season, but in the end, will be younger, more diverse and harder to defend by playoff time.

* Hope that the NBA conference finals would be the Pacers vs. the Bulls and the Grizzlies vs. Warriors. It won’t be, but that would be more exciting than more of the same ol’ Heat, Spurs, blah blah blah.

* Bet there will be more nights like Game 2 vs. Toronto ahead in these Stanley Cup Playoffs than not. The B’s will advance, it just won’t be as easy as most thought.

* Be happier when local radio would do two things – 1)Not all take breaks at exactly the same time, leaving the average car driver with commercials for 5-7 minute stretches in the AM 2)actually let you enjoy the journey instead of instantly going to the negative in every sports “analysis”


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