Things I want to see at Wrestlemania 29 Sunday

1. A full fledged, fans booing, garbage throwing screwjob ending that sends John Cena into a full-time heel mode as WWE Champion, avenging his loss to The Rock!

2. CM Punk end the streak (I know won’t happen!). Could you imagine the ending as Paul Bearer’s voice from above screams out to the Undertaker after his loss: “Come home to me, join me in the light of the darkness. It’s time to come home, son.” Well, at least we’ll get In Living Colour Playing Live

3. Dolph Ziggler cash in and win the World Title.

4. Trish Stratus and AJ Lee go at it, just once!

5. Brock Lesnar and Triple H go until neither can finish it. Let Triple H lose but not tap it, just pass out like Stone Cold’s epic match vs. Bret Hart.

6. Good ol’ JR – Jim Ross – call John Cena’s heel turn – “what in the heeellllll is going on here John!”

7. Bruno deck Vince McMahon – the place would go crazy!

8. RVD come in to kick Fandango’s ass after he beats Chris Jericho.


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