Quick Thoughts for a Hump Day

OK, I’ve been MIA for a bit, but…..

* Memo to the Red Sox: play Jackie Bradley Jr NOW! You’re not in a position to worry about what happens 6 years from now.

* The Celtics without Kevin Garnett in the line-up are like a ship without a rudder: going nowhere and not that pretty to watch.

* Not for nothing Rick Pitino, but the sportsradio negativity in New England sucks! No one lets you enjoy the journey anymore.

* If you get a chance to listen to Jonathan Coachman on “Coach and Company,” weekdays 4pm on ESPN Radio, you won’t be disappointed.

* Silly me, I thought a President was supposed to want to be in office to help Americans. $200 million of aid goes to Jordan, yet we here in America get sequested. Explain that to me.

* Pop Tags! Yup, in my head! “This is (bleeping) awesome!”

* Hey ESPN/ABC, Charissa Thompson’s 15 minutes of fame should be up. She’s no Michelle Beadle folks!

* Golf with Tiger Woods winning is must see TV. Golf with that is just another weekend show I could give or take (mostly skip).

* Yup, RI politicians are debating calimari. I guess that means that all of the State’s problems are cured folks!


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