NFL Conference Championship Picks

NFC Championship – 49ers at Falcons (Sunday 3pm)
The Falcons are the biggest home underdogs in an NFC Championship Game in the modern era (+4.5).  Can the Falcons cover TE Vernon Davis a week after seeing Zach Miller torch them? Can 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick run for nearly 200 yards like he did against the Packers?
Winner: 49ers

AFC Championship – Ravens at Patriots (Sunday 6:30pm)
Patriots are 7-1 in AFC Championship Games, including a 23-20 win last season in Foxboro over the Ravens (only 38-34 loss was in 2007 to the Colts after losing a 21-3 lead).  Stopping WR Torry Smith deep will be a focus for the Patriots.  Stopping TE Aaron Hernandez and WR Wes Welker in the middle of the field will be a focus for the Ravens.  Will it come down to the final play again as it did in the Pats win last season and the Ravens victory in week 3 in Baltimore (31-30).
Winner: Patriots

Last week: 1-3
Season: 176-87-1


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