NFL Quick Thoughts Week 14

The latest and greatest from week 14 of the NFL:

* We’ve been saying it for weeks, but Sunday it rings even more true: the Falcons just don’t look like the best team in the NFC.

* The Redskins win the Battle of the Beltway, but can they get good results from Monday’s MRI on RGIII? Their season may hang in the balance.  UPDATE: An MRI Sunday night showed just a sprained knee.

* We knew the Cardinals were bad, but 58-0 bad?

* With the Seahawks and 49ers both winning, there’s a nice date in Seattle circled for two weeks from now that should settle the NFC West.

* What has happened to the Bears, who couldn’t hold Adrian Peterson in check and may be fading away in the NFC North.

* An emotional win by the Cowboys, 20-19 in Cincinnati, that saves their season and puts the Bengals playoff hopes hanging in the balance.

* Just another close win by the Colts and Andrew Luck, right?!

* These are not your father’s Pittsburgh Steelers and they showed in a blowout loss to the Chargers.

* After Sunday’s 3 TD performance, could David Wilson be the new Ahmad Bradshaw for the Giants?

* Don’t look now, but the Browns have won three in a row.

* And don’t look now, part 2 – the Jets are somehow back in playoff contention – barely!


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