NFL Week 11 Quick Thoughts

* When all is said and done, the Falcons, Texans and Bucs may all be looking back at week 11 as a turning point of their seasons.  Not the greatest of production, but clutch wins nonetheless.  That’s what good teams do.  Win when they probably shouldn’t.

* 59 points! Welcome to Foxboro Andrew Luck!

* Don’t look now, but Andy Dalton has answered Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis’ call to be more of a leader.

* So Philly fans, what do you think of Michael Vick now that you’ve seen the alternative?

* The Broncos are that consistent train that continues to get better.  The Broncos now hold a three-game edge in the AFC West.

* Just when you thought it was time to turn the lights out on the Jets, they make it interesting heading into a Thanksgiving Night match-up with the Patriots.

* You can make a case for the Packers climbing back in the upper echelon of the league once more.

* Quietly (or not so quietly with a 28 point thumping of Oakland), the Saints are back at .500. Beware NFC.



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