NFL Week 11 Picks

Dolphins at Bills (Thursday 8:20pm) How will the young Dolphins rebound from being spanked by the Titans at home last Sunday?
Winner: Dolphins

Jets at Rams (Sunday 1pm) About the only plotline left for the Jets is if or when Tim Tebow will ever play regularly at QB for NY.
Winner: Rams

Cardinals at Falcons (Sunday 1pm) Remember when the Cardinals were undefeated? They’ve lost 5 in a row since!
Winner: Falcons

Bucs at Panthers (Sunday 1pm) Who would’ve thought Cam Newton would’ve fallen so far, so fast?
Winner: Bucs

Browns at Cowboys (Sunday 1pm) Can you say trap game for the ‘Boys?
Winner: Cowboys

Packers at Lions (Sunday 1pm) The Packers are arguably the 2nd best team in football right now.
Winner: Packers

Jaguars at Texans (Sunday 1pm) Yup, the Texans are the best team in football right now. Winner: Texans

Bengals at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm) Expect KC to fall back to normal after a gritty, OT loss on primetime against Pittsburgh Monday night.
Winner: Bengals

Eagles at Redskins (Sunday 1pm) Nick Foles 1st start for Philly.  The Redskins haven’t beaten a rookie QB in their last 8 tries.
Winner: Redskins

Saints at Raiders (Sunday 4pm) Lots of points. Lots of yardage. This is a fantasy football dream match-up!
Winner: Saints

Colts at Patriots (Sunday 4:25pm) It’s not Brady vs. Manning, but it might be just as entertaining the way the NE defense gives up points.
Winner: Patriots

Chargers at Broncos (Sunday 4:25pm) Speaking of Peyton Manning, the Broncos could put a chokehold on the AFC West with a win here.
Winner: Broncos

Ravens at Steelers (Sunday 8:20pm) No Big Ben for Pittsburgh usually means a no win Sunday for Pittsburgh.
Winner: Ravens

Bears at 49ers (Monday 8:30pm) With the Jay Cutler and Alex Smith concussions last week, we could get Jason Campbell vs. Colin Kaepernick. Can you say ratings gem!
Winner: 49ers

Byes: Giants, Seahawks, Titans, Vikings

Last Week: 9-4-1
Season: 92-53-1


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