NFL Week 10 Quick Thoughts

The latest and greatest for Week 10 of the NFL season:

* Some way, some how, the Patriots always seem to find a way against the Bills. That’s now 20 of 22.

* OK, now that the Falcons have lost, can we stop taking them seriously as the NFL’s best team?

* If I were Cam Newton, I’d have been taken notes watching Peyton Manning pick apart the Panthers.

* Speaking of Manning, what in the world has happened to Eli?!  0 TD’s, 2 INT’s and a fumble.  The Giants desparately need the bye.

* The Cowboys survive to fight another day, thanks in part to that improving defense (2 TD’s).

* So, is this the end of an era in Philly with Andy Reid and Michael Vick?

* A giant step backwards for the Dolphins as the Titans just overpower Miami.  And oh by the way, another 100 yard day for CJ2K!

* The Lions got 207 yards from Megatron and still lose. That’s what a 171 yard day from Adrian Peterson will do for the Vikings.

* Is it Tebow time yet for the Jets who’ve now lost 3 in a row?

* Vincent Jackson is a happy Buc today after his Tampa teammates beat his old mates from San Diego.

* No game should end in a tie.  No game!


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