NFL Week 9 Quick Thoughts

* Have a day Doug Martin! 251 yards and 4 TD’s. Those Bucs may be for real!

* Speaking of for real, the Bears put up 51 on the Titans Sunday, scoring offensively, defensively and on special teams. 7-1 and playing very well in Chicago.

* Unspectacularly, the Texans quietly are 7-1 as well after a workmanlike win over the Bills.

* What has happened to Eli Manning? Eli goes 10-24 for just 125 yards and no TD’s in the Giants 24-20 home loss to Pittsburgh.

* Do you get the feeling that the Broncos (Peyton Manning 291 yards, 3 TD’s) are just going to continue to get better?

* What can you say about Andrew Luck and the Colts? 433 yards, 2 TD’s and an impressive come-from-behind win over the Dolphins have them thinking playoffs.

* BTW: did you know that Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning have both thrown for
2404 yards this season?

* Is the bloom off RGIII yet?

* Aaron Rodgers just loves playing with a chip, right? Another 4 TD’s Sunday vs. Arizona.

* Maybe the Lions should strive to be more balanced? Mikel Leshoure – 3 TD’s, Calvin Johnson – 0 TD’s, Lions 31-14 win.

* Joe Flacco just loves to play Cleveland.  Baltimore’s now 10-0 with Flacco against the Browns.

* If only the Seahawks could play all their games in Seattle!


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