NFL Picks Week 9

Chiefs at Chargers (Thursday 8:20pm)
The word of out of San Diego is that if the Chargers don’t win, Norv Turner will no longer be head coach.
Winner: Chargers

Dolphins at Colts (Sunday 1pm)
Who would’ve believe that this one has playoff implications?
Winner: Dolphins

Broncos at Bengals (Sunday 1pm)
Two teams headed in opposite directions these days.
Winner: Broncos

Ravens at Browns (Sunday 1pm)
If you liked the Browns 7-6 game against SD last Sunday, you’ll love this one.
Winner: Ravens

Cardinals at Packers (Sunday 1pm)
What’s happened to that vaunted Cardinals defense? Arizona’s 0-4 after a 4-0 start.
Winner: Packers

Bills at Texans (Sunday 1pm)
This one could get ugly…early.
Winner: Texans

Lions at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm)
Quietly, the Lions are turning their season around.  Now, if they could only get Calvin Johnson a TD catch.
Winner: Lions

Bears at Titans (Sunday 1pm)
The Bears coming to town should put CJ2K back in his early season funk.
Winner: Bears

Panthers at Redskins (Sunday 1pm)
Expect a nice shootout here between Cam Newton and RGIII.
Winner: Redskins

Bucs at Raiders (Sunday 4pm)
Are the Bucs legitimately an NFC playoff contender? We may find out in Oakland.
Winner: Bucs

Vikings at Seahawks (Sunday 4pm)
One will fall off the NFC playoff race.  The other takes a nice step forward.
Winner: Seahawks

Steelers at Giants (Sunday 4:25pm)
What’s happened to Mr. Elite, Eli Manning the past 3 weeks? Just 2 TD’s to go with 3 INT’s.
Winner: Giants

Cowboys at Falcons (Sunday 8:20pm)
You just know that the Falcons are amped up to show a National TV audience they are for real.
Winner: Falcons

Eagles at Saints (Sunday 8:30pm)
Last chance for the Eagles to get it together or it will be bye bye Michael Vick.
Winner: Saints

Byes: Patriots, Jets, 49ers, Rams

Last Week: 10-4
Season: 72-46


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