NFL Week 7 Quick Thoughts

* The good news is that the Patriots survived the Jets, 29-26 in overtime Sunday to take over 1st place in the AFC East.  The bad news is that no one in Patriots Nation is more confident after many questions on both sides of the ball remain as this team heads to London to face the Rams.

* Have a day Chris Johnson! 2 TD’s and 195 yards rushing.  And just who is Jamie Harper, who vultered two more possible Johnson TD’s with one-yard scores in the Titans win in Buffalo.

* Speaking of the Titans, can you really go back to Jake Locker after Matt Hasselback’s two wins?

* If you look up clutch in the dictionary, there’s Eli Manning again! 77-yard TD passes in the final minutes to beat the Redskins will do that for you.

* Don’t look now, but the Saints and Packers both have winning streaks!

* Talk about your tough way to lose Tampa Bay.  Mike Williams steps out of bounds before catching what would be a game tying TD against New Orleans.

* The Jaguars lose Maurice Jones-Drew on their first drive and then lost the game in overtime with a fumble that set up the Raiders game winning FG.  Talk about your lost day in Oakland.

* Yes, Houston, that’s what they call a rebound win! WOW!  A complete domination of the decimated Ravens.

* Breathe Cowboy fans, breathe!

* It wasn’t pretty, but mark it down as another win in the rookie season for Andrew Luck.  And how about those two rushing TD’s? Take that RGIII!



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