Farrell’s the man for the Red Sox

So, with a three-year deal and compensation worked out, the Red Sox are reportedly set to name John Farrell as the team’s next manager.   Let’s take a look:

He knows the key personnel – there should be no pushback from the players, specifically the leaders in the clubhouse on this one like there was with Bobby Valentine

Fix the pitching – As the former pitching staff on the World Series winning team in 2007, he should be able to deliver a positive message and fix the key cogs – Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Daniel Bard.  He should also be able to put the fear back in them to do what they need to do

The Red Sox get a player as part of the deal, while losing Mike Aviles.  Aviles wasn’t the future with Pedro Ciriaco, Jose Eglasias or a trade as a better option.  Any major leaguer or prospect they get (supposedly it’s not Adam Lind) would be a better help.

Timing – the deal is done before the World Series.  Remeber, they didn’t hire Bobby V until the first week of December last year.  Coaching staff, player moves and decisions can be handled much easier than last season with this timing.


He didn’t win in Toronto, what makes you think he can do it here.  The answer is that it all starts with how well he rehabs the starting rotation

How did he let Yunel Escobar walk around the clubhouse and play a game with a homesexual slur on his eye black? Does he really have control on a clubhouse as a manager?

Here’s the one thing we know for sure – the heat is on Ben Cherington and ownership to get this one right after the epic fail of Bobby V.

Can’t wait for spring training!


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