NFL Week 7 Picks

Seahawks at 49ers (Thursday 8:20pm)
The Seahawks seem to be a different team away from home. The 49ers are sure to be in a bad mood after last Sunday’s drubbing from the Giants.
Winner: 49ers

Cardinals at Vikings (Sunday 1pm)
The Cardinals just haven’t been the same the past 3 weeks.
Winner: Vikings

Cowboys at Panthers (Sunday 1pm)
Will Dallas stick with the ground game they rediscovered last week in Baltimore? Even without Demarco Murray?
Winner: Cowboys

Saints at Buccaneers (Sunday 1pm)
Are the Saints back?
Winner: Saints

Packers at Rams (Sunday 1pm)
No doubt, Aaron Rodgers is back in full stride and playing with a chip on his shoulder.
Winner: Packers

Redskins at Giants (Sunday 1pm)
The Giants are simply the best team in the NFL right now.
Winner: Giants

Ravens at Texans (Sunday 1pm)
Amazingly, these two 5-1 teams are the only AFC teams above .500!
Winner: Texans

Titans at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Even the Bills are surprised they’re tied for first place in the AFC East!
Winner: Bills

Browns at Colts (Sunday 1pm)
Andrew Luck is better at home (224, 313 and 362 yards in 3 games in Indy).
Winner: Colts

Jets at Patriots (Sunday 4:25pm)
The Patriots have lost three games by four points. Think they’ll be ready for Jets week?
Winner: Patriots

Jaguars at Raiders (Sunday 4:25pm)
Can anyone figure these two teams out?
Winner: Raiders

Steelers at Bengals (Sunday 8:20pm)
The Steelers just aren’t what they used to be.
Winner: Bengals

Lions at Bears (Monday 8:30pm)
Detroit saved their season last week. Or was it just that the Eagles saved it for them?
Winner: Bears

Byes: Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Dolphins, Eagles, Falcons

Last Week: 5-9
Season: 51-40


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