NFL Week 6 Quick Thoughts

* Don’t blame the Patriots defense for the 24-23 loss in Seattle.  Too many missed chances in the red zone, plus two bad Tom Brady INT’s and an intentional grounding call at the end of the first half cost the Pats points.  And let’s not forget, up 23-17, all the NE offense had to do was get a pair of first downs and the game would’ve been over.

* Yes, it’s no misprint.  The Patriots, Jets. Bills and Dolphins are all tied for 1st place in the AFC East.  With the deficiencies of the other 3, that speaks volumes about NE.

* Sunday’s win over Dallas could be devestating for the Ravens.  Ray Lewis could have torn triceps and Lardarius Webb could have a torn ACL.  Both could put those key cogs in the Ravens defense out for the year.

* The final moments of that loss show you exactly why the Cowboys are underachievers.  Missed catches and lack of mental toughness cost them time and chances at a win.

* Huge, season-saving win for the Lions in Philly.  As for the Eagles, yet another 4th quarter lead blown by Philly.

* The Giants were plain ol’ dominating!

* RGIII – 3 TD’s and a much needed home win by the Redskins.

* Yes, Andrew Luck, Sunday was one of those games that all rookies go through.

* If the Cardinals are THAT good, why are they having trouble at home with the Dolphins (OT win) and the Bills (OT loss)?

* For the third straight week, the Falcons eek out a win again!  It’s not pretty and it may bite them later in the season, but right now, Atlanta rules the roost at 6-0.

* How woeful are the Chiefs?


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