NFL Picks – Week 6

Steelers at Titans (Thursday 8:20pm)
Too much talent for the Titans too handle?
Winner: Steelers
Colts at Jets (Sunday 1pm) Could the Jets lose their third straight at home?
Winner: Colts
Rams at Dolphins (Sunday 1pm) Suddenly, the Dolphins are looking very solid.  Rams are a different team away from the Dome.
Winner: Dolphins
Chiefs at Bucs (Sunday 1pm) Brady Quinn’s in at QB for KC.  Will he be mighty?
Winner: Chiefs
Raiders at Falcons (Sunday 1pm) This one shouldn’t be as tight as the last two Sundays for Atlanta.
Winner: Falcons
Cowboys at Ravens (Sunday 1pm) Just when you think you have the Cowboys figure out…. Baltimore’s 3-0 vs. Dallas.
Winner: Ravens
Bengals at Browns (Sunday 1pm) Bengals have owned the Browns of late, winning 13 of 16, including 3 of 4 in Cleveland.
Winner: Bengals
Lions at Eagles (Sunday 1pm) Detroit sits at 1-3 and heading the wrong way.  But can Michael Vick hang on to the ball?
Winner: Eagles
Patriots at Seahawks (Sunday 4pm) Seattle’s defense is amongst the best in the NFL.  But can they score to keep up with Tom Brady? Winner: Patriots
Bills at Cardinals (Sunday 4pm) The Cardinals are very happy to see Buffalo come to town.
Winner: Cardinals
Giants at 49ers (Sunday 4:25pm) Rematch of the NFC Championship Game.  This one’s been circled by SF since last February.
Winner: 49ers
Vikings at Redskins (Sunday 4:25pm) RG III should go (concussion). We’ll see if the Vikings are as real as that 4-1 record.
Winner: Redskins
Packers at Texans (Sunday 8:20pm) Can you imagine the Packers at 2-4?
Winner: Texans
Broncos at Chargers (Sunday 8:30pm) Chargers have won 9 of last 12.  Winner has leg up on the AFC West.
Winner: Chargers
Byes: Bears, Jaguars, Panthers, Saints
Last week: 9-5
Season: 46-31

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