NFL Week 5 Quick Thoughts

So, what do we think about the NFL so far in week 5?

* The Patriots are sticking with, and succeeding with, a more balanced attack.  In Sunday’s 31-21 win over Denver, NE threw it for 223 yards while running it for 251 yards, with Stevan Ridley gaining 151 of that on his own.

* How good are the 49ers? 45-3 good while running it and throwing it for over 300 yards each (621 yards of total offense).  That’s NEVER been done before in NFL history.  That’s how good!

* The Vikings are 4-1!

* Maybe the Dolphins are on to something with QB Ryan Tannehill.  Back-to-back solid performances on the road against Arizona (OT loss) and Cincinatti (Sunday’s 17-13 win) have Miami back at 2-3.

* Atlanta’s 5-0 and getting those decisive plays at the right time.  This week’s entry: Michael Turner’s 13-yard game-winning TD run in the fourth quarter to top the Redskins.

* The Redskins are holding their collective breathe after RGIII had to leave Sunday’s game with a mild concussion.   Fellow rookie QB Kirk Cousins followed with a 77-yard hook-up with Santana Moss for a go-ahead TD, but it didn’t last.

* Same ol’ story in Philly. Michael Vick can’t hang on to the ball with 2 more fumbles.  But, the good thing Eagles fans is that Vick doesn’t think he has a fumbling problem.

* Welcome back Rashard Mendenhall (81  yards, TD in his first game back from a torn ACL).

* The NY Giants wanted to get off to a good start. They were down 17-7 to the winless Browns
before rallying for the 41-27 victory.

* Have we seen the last of Matt Cassel in KC?

* The Bears looked like they were going to have one of those game, tied 3-3 in Jacksonville.  Then, they exploded for 38 second half points.  That’s a great sign if you’re a Bears fan.

* Story of the season so far – the Colts stunning the Packers, 30-27 and honoring their head coach Chuck Pagano, who’s in the hospital after being diagnosed with leukemia, with the game ball after the game.  Great story no matter who you are a fan of in the NFL.



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