NFL Week 4 Quick Thoughts

A quick trip around the NFL in a week that probably saw a lot of people watching Ryder Cup coverage during the midst of all the pigskin action.

* It wasn’t pretty, but the Cardinals and Falcons found a way to make it to 4-0 with last second wins over the Dolphins (OT) and Panthers.

* The refs almost did it to the Packers again! Almost!

* The Saints are 0-4. Yeah, let that one marinate for a little while.

* The Pats walked into Buffalo 1-2 and down 21-7. They then outscored the Bills 45-7. OUCH!

* Peyton Manning sure looked like a guy that’s on his way to regaining his old form in the Broncos rout of the Raiders.

* The season keeps getting tougher for the Bucs Greg Schiano.  But on the other side of the field, RGIII keeps on impressing – this week, a last second drive to set up a Billy Cundiff game winning FG. Impressive.

* The Texans keep on rolling. First time in team history, they’re 4-0.

* Nice to see Chris Johnson get out of the witness protection program with 141 yards against Houston.

* Is it Tebow time for the NY Jets after getting pasted by the 49ers, 34-0.

* How are the Vikings 3-1!

* How are the Lions 1-3!

* After another embarassing Sunday in KC, how long do expect Romeo Crennel to last?

* Why do we already have byes in week 4?


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