NFL Week 4 Picks


Browns at Ravens (Thursday 8:20pm)
First game back for the “regular” refs.  Ravens will make sure the game will not be in doubt for long.
Winner: Ravens

Patriots at Bills (Sunday 1pm)
Could the Patriots really lose 3 in a row? Not likely from a team two plays away from being 3-0 instead of 1-2 and one that’s won 21 of 23 from Bills.
Winner: Patriots

49ers at Jets (Sunday 1pm)
The 49ers are in a bad mood after losing in Minnesota and have spent the entire week away from home.  The Jets are without Revis Island after Darrelle Revis tore his ACL.
Winner: 49ers

Seahawks at Rams (Sunday 1pm)
The Seahawks will not have the replacement refs on their side this week. Rams have lost 13 of 14 to Seattle. 
Winner: Rams

Panthers at Falcons (Sunday 1pm)
The Falcons offense is overshadowing its defense, which last week limited Phillip Rivers to 0 TD’s.
Winner: Falcons

Vikings at Lions (Sunday 1pm)
QB Matthew Stafford’s a game-time decision for the Lions. Vikings QB Christian Ponder picked apart the 49ers last week, should be easier against Detroit.
Winner: Lions

Chargers at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm)
Two words: Jamaal Charles.  One number: 223 (yards)
Winner: Chiefs

Titans at Texans (Sunday 1pm)
The only thing missing from the Texans right now is the lower part of QB Matt Schaub’s ear that he lost on Joe Mays hit to the head in Denver last Sunday.
Winner: Texans

Bengals at Jaguars (Sunday 4pm)
Jags are a lofty 7-2 at home against Cincinnati.
Winner: Bengals

Raiders at Broncos (Sunday 4pm)
Would you believe that Carson Palmer has a better QB rating that Peyton Manning (89.3-85.6)? 
Winner: Broncos

Dolphins at Cardinals (Sunday 4pm)
Two teams going in vastly opposite directions.  Watch out Ryan Tannehill. 
Winner: Cardinals

Redskins at Buccaneers (Sunday 4:25pm)
If only the Bucs could score points they have something in Tampa.
Winner: Bucs

Saints at Packers (Sunday 4:25pm)
Can you believe that the Saints will be 0-4 with a loss here? Gotta believe the Packers are pumped up after the chaos of Monday night in Seattle.
Winner: Packers

Giants at Eagles (Sunday 8:20pm)
Philly’s dominated this series of late, taking 6 of the last 7.
Winner: Giants

Bears at Cowboys (Sunday 8:30pm)
The Bears can’t protect QB Jay Cutler.  That’s not a good thing up against the Cowboys front seven.
Winner: Cowboys

Last week: 6-10
Season: 27-21


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