NFL Week 3 Quick Thoughts

A few thoughts for NFL Week 4:

* Crazy. Wild. Bizarre. And we’re not even talking about Texans QB Matt Schaub losing party of his ear after a double late hit from the Broncos.

* OK, enough with those replacement refs. Things are getting dangerous and at times, ridiculous, out there. It doesn’t need to be that way.

* Amid a lot of bad football, the Jets got a win they desperately needed.

* The Bills, after a week 1 disaster, are getting more like the team we thought they’d be.

* How about those Cardinals?! 3-0 and I guess that win in Foxboro wasn’t such a fluke after all.

* It’s nice to see the old Maurice Jones-Drew back.

* It’s not so nice to see the same ol’ Chris Johnson.

* BenJarvus Green-Ellis Fumbled. Now that’s NFL history.

* Maybe Sean Payton does make that much of a difference in New Orleans. The Saints now 0-3 after blowing a 15-point lead to the Chiefs.

* Yes, the Falcons are for real and now mighty dangerous if Michael Turner can run like he did against the Chargers.

* What a finish in Tennessee! The Lions, with an injured QB Matthew Stafford on the bench, get 2 TD’s including a hail mary tipped pass to send the game into OT. Yet lose when they don’t try to kick a chipshot FG and instead get stoppeda 4th and 1.

* Yes, that 49ers loss in Minnesota is what they call a trap game folks!

* Prayers and thoughts are with Darius Heyward-Bey.

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