NFL Week 1 Sunday Thoughts

An eventful first Sunday around the NFL:

* WOW! RGIII with an amazing first start in the NFL, leading the Redskins to the 40-32 upset in New Orleans.  Robert Griffin’s numbers: 320 yards, 2 TD’s, 42 yards rushing. Poised and prepared in the pocket.  The first of many wins my friends.

* Tough first days for Brandon Weeden (4 INT’s), Ryan Tannehill (3 INT’s) and Andrew Luck (3 INT’s, 1 TD) – all losses for the rookies.

* Well, at least for a day, Mark Sanchez can breathe a bit easier. 3 TD passes over the Bills will do that to the Jets QB with Tim Tebow looking over his shoulder.  Now the Jets have “put the NFL on notice.”  Let’s see how it goes next week against the Steelers boys.

* Michael Vick and the Eagles (4 INT’s) endured against the Browns, 17-16.  The same can be said about the Lions (3 Matthew Stafford INT’s) against the Rams, 27-23.

* Two things about New England. How easy did they make it look at times with new weapons for Tom Brady (Brandon Lloyd’s 69 yards and Stevan Ridley’s 125  yards rushing).  That Patriots defense looks ball-hawking and aggressive, holding Chris Johnson to just 4 yards on the ground.

* Congrats to A.D. Adrian Peterson. 2 TD’s and a Minnesota win just nine months from tearing his ACL. That’s why they call him All Day folks!

* Should we rethink that 49ers offense now? Alex Smith and Randy Moss scoring TD’s and racking up 30 points in a win at Green Bay might make us do that.

* The Cardinals may not have a #1 QB still after Kevin Kolb rescues an injured John Skelton, but they are 1-0 after holding on against Seattle.

* The Bucs are better. How much, time will tell. But for a day, Greg Schiano has righted the ship lost in Tampa last season by holding the Panthers to just 10 rushing yards and a win.

* The NFL is better with Peyton Manning back playing.


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