Jim Rome vs. David Stern

Just in case you missed tonight’s Jim Rome Show on the CBS Sports Network, the fine folks at CBS have issued this statement from Jim Rome on his clash with NBA Commish David Stern on Rome’s radio show.  Rome asked Stern if the NBA Lottery was fixed and Stern came back with “have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

First, the audio of the interview, then the release..

From CBS Sports Network

On tonight’s episode of ROME on CBS Sports Network, Jim Rome addressed his radio interview with NBA Commissioner David Stern from earlier today.


I’ve done interviews with David Stern several times over the years. We’ve always had a very good relationship. It’s been kind of a contentious give-and-take at times, but always a fundamental level of respect. I did not expect that to go that way and that was certainly not my intent.


It was a rhetorical device. A lot of people don’t know that phrase (‘Have you stopped beating your wife yet?’). They didn’t know where he was going. I understood it. I didn’t take great offense to it. I didn’t agree with it. But the fact of the matter is I thought my question was direct and it was not a loaded question. So I thought that analogy was inappropriate. My point is, I don’t think that it’s fixed (the NBA Draft). Even after that conversation, I don’t think that it’s fixed. But I thought the question was fair.


I was not looking to start anything. I thought it was a soft ball question, to be honest. I thought it was an easy question. I thought he’d say, ‘Come on, are you kidding? Conspiracy theories? The only people who believe that are whack jobs and people that are out of hand.’


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