ESPN the Magazine: One Day, One Game

The latest issue of ESPN The Magazine “One Day, One Game”– on newsstands today — captures an NBA game day from 360˚. While most of fans’ attention is on the few hours of the game itself, this issue dedicates its focus to the intricacies of what goes into making these couple of hours worthy of our undivided attention. The issue documents the January 29 NBA game between Miami and Chicago, which the Heat won 97-93.

It’s only One Game, only One Day. Only the two best teams in the East. Only the game’s greatest (most hated?) player. Only the reigning MVP. Only the tale of a brother’s love. Only the story of a father’s pride. Only the most amazing dunk you’ll see – and views of the life from far inside. Only eight All-Stars. Only the best (worst?)-dressed fans in the league. Only a coach who refuses to sleep. Only a preview of the playoff elite. It’s only one day, Jan. 29, 2012. Only one game, the Bulls vs. the Heat. And it only reveals everything about the NBA.

One Day, One Game also features the debut of both Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Don Van Natta Jr., who reveals new details about the power struggle that emerged following the Penn State sexual abuse scandal in “Fight On,” as well as Kevin Van Valkenburg, who takes a deeper look into one game in the life of LeBron James, the most confounding player of our time in “The Mistrial of LeBron James.”

One Day, One Game Features:

Erik Spoelstra has 40 Hours to Build a Game Plan

Luckily for him, the Heat coach can roll without much REM. The Mag follows Spoelstra as he attempts to game plan for the Bulls, offering a behind-the-scenes look into the life of an NBA coach. By Brian Windhorst

A Tale of Two Halves

From one quarter to the next, Derrick Rose proves he’s learned from last season’s playoff beatdown. Here The Mag offers an Xs and Os look at Derrick Rose’s rapidly improving game and how he makes adjustments to his shot selection, aggressiveness, tempo and ball distribution. By Ric Bucher

The French Connection

For two brothers, the gap between Florida and France is closed by recordings of their favorite team. Brothers Steve and Gary Stoloff bond over their love of the Miami Heat. The problem? Gary moved to France 20 years ago. The solution? Steve tapes every Heat game and mails it to his brother, who watches it—about two weeks later. NBA League Pass be damned. By Jason Feifer

No Trade Clause

Sorry, haters: Keeping Boozer and Noah was one of the best decisions the Bulls made this season. Despite the Carlos Boozer hate and the Dwight Howard trade talks, Rose will tell you: This Bulls team is just fine—Boozer and Joakim Noah are a great combo. And the stats back him up. By Jon Greenberg


What do two of the NBA’s megawatt superstars do right after a big win? It’s probably not what you think. By Jordan Brenner

Additional Highlights

·        The Numbers: The Mag’s Peter Keating shares details on new research that shows sleep can help performance as much as PEDs – and it might be the next frontier for sabermetrics.

·        The Truth: Columnist Howard Bryant sheds light on Roger Goodell’s response to Bountygate, and if you thought that was harsh, wait until the NFL’s own judgment day, when the league has to answer for its role in creating a culture of violence.

·        NFL: Former Colts boss Bill Polian explains how Denver will transition from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning. (Hint: The Broncos will be just fine).

·        MLB: Jesus Montero, Seattle’s new catcher, excels at the plate, writes Jorge Arangure Jr. just not behind it—yet. Montero has gone from being a top prospect with baseball’s premier club (the Yankees) to the opposite side of the country with the perpetually bottom-dwelling Mariners. What now?Photo Acts: The Mag features a day in pictures, starting with arena preparation before the game and ending with what happens after the clock runs out, as well as a special fashion layout featuring some fans with flair.


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