Jim Rome debuts on CBS Sports Network

From CBS Sports –


Debut Show Features Interview With Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

ROME, a new weekday show hosted by veteran sports personality Jim Rome, premiered today, Tuesday, April 3 on CBS Sports Network. The show included an interview with Kansas head coach Bill Self, whose team fell to Kentucky in last night’s National Championship.

Tuesday’s premiere of ROME also featured contributors Will Carroll of SI.com and Jason Whitlock of FoxSports.com, who discussed Kentucky’s Anthony Davis, Tiger Woods and one-and-done players in college basketball.

A clip from ROME can be viewed here: http://cbsprt.co/HScZZS. The following are excerpts from the show:


A bad night offensively on a stage that big typically wrecks a young player’s dome. Next thing you know he’s forcing shots, committing dumb fouls and turning it over. But not Davis. And that’s why Kentucky is so dangerous. If one of their monsters can’t get it going offensively, he’ll commit to everything else and let one of the other players pick him up. Their best player had his worst night shooting and they still rolled.


He had to have that game. He is validated, his one-and-done system does work. If he can recruit like a mother without a ring, imagine what he’ll pull once he starts flashing that bling in living rooms. Don’t hate the coach, hate the system.


I think they’ve lost their edge. This was a team that energized itself from being hated. They are not as hated this year. Then they do this hoodie photo and become a little bit beloved in some parts of the country with guys like me. And I think they’re a little satisfied and have lost that me-against-the-world edge.


It hasn’t been that long since he won. Jack Nicklaus, the guy he’s chasing, had big gaps between Masters wins and an eight-year gap between his last two U.S. Open wins. Tiger has a lot of time, he’s only 36.

ROME originates from Orange County, Calif. and is produced by Generate Entertainment in association with dick clark productions, inc.


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