Friday Three-for-All: What If Edition

As we head into the weekend, it’s time for the ever popular FTFA.  This week, we go for the intellect and wonder “what if?” Truth – No, but some fun along the way.

* What if Mo Lewis never hits Drew Bledsoe? Tom Brady never gets to be the QB of the Patriots. Bledsoe continues to put up stats while the Pats have a modicum of success.  Bill Belichick never wins a Super Bowl as a head coach in New England. Peyton Manning goes on to win at least one more Super Bowl with the Colts and the Patriots are now in the running for QB Andrew Luck after a disatrous 2011 season.

* The Celtics get the top pick and draft Tim Duncan. Rick Pitino is still with the Celtics having won two NBA Titles. Kevin Garnett stays in Minnesota his entire career never getting to the NBA pinnacle.  Ray Allen stays with the Sonics, who never leave Seattle, but gain Kevin Durant as the 1-2 inside-out punch with Allen to get to two NBA Finals and one NBA Finals victory.  Danny Ainge never becomes the GM in Boston, but does take over in Phoenix, rebuilding the Suns arond A’mare Stoudemire for two NBA Titles that leave the Lakers in the dust.

* Pedro Martinez gets out of his eighth inning jam in 2003 in the ALCS Championship against the Yankees.  Boston wins the game, the ALCS and defeats the Marlins in 5 games to win its first World Series crown in the modern era.  Grady Little keeps his job as manager, Terry Francona & Bobby Valentine never come to Boston, but does take over in Cleveland.  Josh Beckett, after losing to the Red Sox, remains in Florida, only to get traded to the NY Mets late in his career.  Also never coming to Boston is John Lackey and Adrian Gonzalez, thus shutting out the chicken, beer and “you gotta eat something, right” era in Beantown. And of course, Tim Wakefield is never remembered for the Aaron “F’N” Boone home run!

Absurd, maybe. But fun to think about too!


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