NBC Postgame Super Bowl XLVI Notes

From NBC Sports –

“One of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history.” – Cirs Collinsworth on Mario Manningham’s 38-yard catch in fourth quarter
“He won this football game.” – Rodney Harrison on Eli Manning
“It’s (Tom) Coughlin and Eli Manning who put themselves in the discussion for the Hall of Fame.” – Bob Costas
INDIANAPOLIS – Feb. 5, 2012 – The New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots 21-17 to win Super Bowl XLVI, the 17th Super Bowl broadcast by NBC. Following are post-game highlights from the broadcast:

CRIS COLLINSWORTH ON MARIO MANNINGHAM’S CATCH: “Absolutely unbelievable. Will go down as one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. And it reminds you just a bit of David Tyree and the last time Eli Manning had the unbelievable drive. The Velcro on the helmet as Al Michaels described it.

COLLINSWORTH ON MANNING: “How brilliant can Easy-Eli be? And he will never again have to answer questions, ‘Do you consider yourself and elite quarterback and in Tom Brady’s class?’”
AL MICHAELS ON MANNING: “And he wins it in the house that his brother built.”

MICHAELS ON PATRIOTS: “The New England Patriots will have another Super Bowl tape that they won’t want to look at.”

Harrison: “We knew this game was going to come down to the fourth quarter, and everyone thought I was crazy a week ago when I said I trust Eli Manning more in the fourth quarter than I did Tom Brady. I think you saw tonight why I said that. Tom Brady had a couple opportunities, missed some opportunities down the field. Eli didn’t. He won this football game.”

Dungy: “I was in New York with the Giants last week and every defensive player told me how much confidence they had in Eli Manning. Justin Tuck said, ‘We know if we can just get that stop in the fourth quarter Eli will win it for us.’ And he proved them right tonight.”

BOB COSTAS’ FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE GAME: “Had it turned out the other way, with a victory tonight Belichick and Brady would have put themselves at or near the top of the discussion of the greatest coach and quarterback of the Super Bowl era. Instead it turns out that it’s Coughlin and Eli Manning who put themselves in the discussion for the Hall of Fame. Because quite simply, in dramatic fashion they have now twice bested the team considered to be the best of it’s era in the game that matters most.”


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