Bayless talks religion and football with Tebow

From ESPN – 

ESPN2’s First Take Analyst Skip Bayless Talks Football, Religion in Sit-Down Interview with Tim Tebow
While in Indianapolis for Super Bowl week, First Take’s Skip Bayless finally got a chance to sit down with Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for a one-on-one interview. The 25-minute interview by Bayless—who has been a not-so-quiet supporter of Tebow from the very beginning—recapped the season with the controversial star and discussed his future.
Watch the 3-part interview here: Football interview, Faith interview, Fun interview
Bayless asked Tebow directly if he feels that his faith is the biggest reason he is such an astonishingly polarizing figure:
Tebow: “I’m sure my faith is part of that. You know I have a lot of supporters which I’m very thankful for.  And I’m very thankful for all the support that I have received. And the people that are praying for me, that are backing me….and you know the other side, the motivation definitely fuels me. And you know you are always going to have critics. I’ve always had them. And I will always have them for the future. And for me I always use that for motivation but more than anything the support drives me the most.”
Tebow continued: “Well, you know being a polarizing figure has its pros and cons. You know I’m a very relaxed, laid back, low key person that likes to do normal things  and not very extravagant at all. It does make hanging out with my brothers and you know my friends and family a little bit harder, which can sometimes be frustrating to be honest, but at the same time the pros so out way the cons….”
Bayless, who has repeatedly voiced his opinion that John Fox and John Elway do not give Tebow the credit he deserves, reminded Tebow that even Jesus would stand up and defend himself to the elders who doubted him.  Bayless asked, “At what point does Tim Tebow stand up, for the sake of your leadership of your teammates, when do you fight back?”
Tebow replied: “I’m thankful to have leaders like Fox and Elway, they do a great job for the organization…For me, I’m going to respect the people in charge of me, that’s how I’ll approach it. All I’ll worry about is what I can control, how can I go out there and be a great teammate.”

Bayless did ask Tebow to make his prediction on who would win the big game on Sunday and the diplomatic Tebow praised both the Patriots and the Giants but when asked to make a decision, Tebow said he would go with the Patriots if he had to choose.  This comes as no surprise given that Brady & Co. put an end to the Broncos Super Bowl quest.


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