Slive talks BCS Change on Tony Barnhart Show

From CBS Sports Network –

On this week’s TONY BARNHART SHOW, which airs tonight at 6:30PM, ET, SEC Commissioner Mike Slive joins Barnhart to discuss SECfootball, the BCS system and the plus-one model.
Below are excerpts from the interview.  Avideo clip from the interview is available here:
SLIVE: I do think we are going tosee changes and I don’t think those changes will be tweaks, that’sthe term that we always use. I think there will be changes. We’re goingto begin to focus in on all these issues over the next six-to-nine months, withthe idea of no-holds barred. We need to take a look at the entire structure andsee what kinds of changes need to be made. But I do really think there will bechanges.”
SLIVE: I do thinkthe plus-one has to come back to the table. I’m confident thatwe’ll have a robust conversation about the plus-one and I certainly willwant to make sure that that issue is fully vetted. I think the climate haschanged to some degree, so I’m looking forward to that discussion.
The TONYBARNHART SHOW is a weekly one-hour primetime college football talk show. In addition to Slive, the show features interviews with radio host Paul Finebaum and political pundit James Carville.



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