NFL FOX Sunday Pregame Notes – Week 17 – Coughlin’s job saved

From FOX Sports –

Glazer Reports that Giants Win Against Jets Saved Coughlin’s Job & Turner Out in San Diego
Long: Cam Newton Helped RG3 Move Up in NFL Draft
Johnson: Cowboys or Giants Can Do Some Damage in the Playoffs
FOX NFL SUNDAY Insider Jay Glazer reported that New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin’s job is safe:  “I was told that his win against the Jets last week was the biggest win in Tom Coughlin’s New York Giants career since the Super Bowl.  They said it really saved him.  Had they lost last week, he would’ve been squarely on the hot seat.  Even if he loses against the Cowboys tonight, he’s probably safe because of that win against the Jets.”
Analyst Howie Long on the success of rookie quarterbacks and the impact it will have on Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft: “Because of Cam Newton, RG3 moves up from maybe seven or eight to maybe two.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson on the Cowboys-Giants game:“Neither one of these coaches is going to get fired.  Both coaches are safe.  We all know that they are very talented teams, but they’re underachieving teams.  We know about the late game collapses by the Cowboys.  We know that the Giants have won two games out of the last seven.  But they’re very talented and they can get in the playoffs and do some damage whoever wins tonight.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson believes the Saints running game on the road in the playoffs is the key to their success:“If they’re going to have success in the playoffs, they’re going to have to go on the road.  If they go on the road, they’re going to have to run the football and will have to go to San Francisco or Green Bay in bad weather.  Just like they had to do a couple years ago, they’re running the football nearly five yards a clip.  Running backs Darren Sproles and Chris Ivory is the key to their success.”
Analyst Michael Strahan on this year’s defensive players of the year:“If Minnesota didn’t have the year they were having, you could easily say Jared Allen.  DeMarcus Ware is having a great season.  My other guy in Green Bay is Clay Matthews, incredible player. One of the few players I’ve watched this year where my jaw dropped.  He’s aggressive and can make plays.”
Co-host Terry Bradshaw on Coach of the Year:“Jim Harbaugh has got that thing locked up.”
Analyst Michael Strahan added:“This is a team with the same talent, he just changed the mentality.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson believes in playing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Howie Long and Michael Strahan disagreed. 
Johnson: “Aaron Rodgers is healthy.  If a player is healthy, I would play him for a couple of quarters because they’re already going to get rest next week.”
Long: “This game means nothing for the Packers.  The last thing you want to do is play Aaron Rodgers for a quarter or a series and him get injured. Detroit’s defensive front can hurt you in a game like this.”
Strahan: “I’d keep Rodgers out of the game.”
Co-host Terry Bradshaw on this year’s rookie quarterback class:“This year we saw there are probably four or five rookie quarterbacks that are going to be stars in this league.”
FOX NFL SUNDAY Insider Jay Glazer reports on the future of the St. Louis Rams:“It looks like they’re going to make some big changes in St. Louis. Neither GM Billy Devaney or head coach Steve Spagnuolo have been given any indication about their futures. It’s interesting because St. Louis a couple years ago was a job nobody wanted but now is the top coveted spot because they have a strong quarterback in Sam Bradford and one of the top two picks in the draft so you can obviously cash that in by trading that for maybe three first rounders.”

FOX NFL SUNDAY Insider Jay Glazer on San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner:“It seems like head coach Norv Turner is out in San Diego.”


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