ESPN’s BCS Survival Guide

From ESPN – 

ESPN’s BCS Bowl Survival Guide
By January 1, 2012, you will have watched more than two dozen bowl games on ESPN networks, eaten more appetizers, pies and cookies than any reasonable person should, played hooky from work, ignored your household chores, and now, you’re staring down the five biggest bowls of the season: The BCS Bowls on ESPN. Have no fear; ESPN’s BCS Bowl Survival Guide is here, complete with this handy BCS lineup card.
Scenario:  Your pants and shirts are a little too snug for wearing in public, bordering on indecent and your dog no longer recognizes you; it’s time to hit the gym. But wait, won’t that interfere with watching all that great pre-game coverage from your couch?
Solution:  ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN Classic  will televise more than 100 hours of BCS Bowl pre-game, game and post-game coverage January 2 thru January 10. In addition, College GameDay Built by The Home Depot or College Football Live will originate from all five BCS Bowls. Whether you’re at home or on the treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike, you won’t miss a beat.
Scenario:  In the holiday gifting aftermath, you discover you’ve got to return four funky fruitcakes, three tacky ties, two French hens and one hideous holiday sweater from Aunt Marge. Many long drives in traffic await you.
Solution: ESPN Radio’s BCS Bowl coverage of all five BCS Bowls will keep you company through the stoplights, rubbernecking and road rage of holiday returns season.
Scenario: Your wife not-so-subtly reminds you to take down the holiday decorations – your very own “festival of lights”- complete with 50 strands of blinking bulbs covering every inch of your roof. Yes, you were king of the neighborhood this year. But now you’re going to miss pre-game coverage for your favorite BCS Bowl game.
Solution: You won’t miss a thing. Grab a sweater, a ladder, some snacks and your cell phone – you’re going to be awhile. With ESPN Mobile, you’ll see clips, highlights and receive scores from GameCast and the WatchESPN app. She’ll never know.
Scenario: To start the new year off right, your company sends you to a full day and night seminar on work-life balance the day of your favorite BCS Bowl. Oh, the irony…
Solution: You’ve got this. Grab a conference-issued folder, insert your tablet, select WatchESPN app. Voila! You’ll see all the coverage on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 and ESPNU right there (on ESPN3) in that chilly conference room.
Scenario: Once back in the office, your mailbox is so full that you find yourself paralyzed to do anything about it. Instead, you daydream about LSU’s offensive schemes vs. SEC foe Alabama.
Solution: Fire up the office Internet.’s blogs, columns and 360-degree look at the teams and towns of the BCS Bowl games awaits you with an individual page for every bowl.
Scenario: To welcome in 2012, your significant other has “accidentally” given your casual clothes to charity (i.e. the dumpster), even that sweatshirt you love with the talking bears cartoon.
Solution: You’re in luck. The BCS apparel line is online now and available in select stores. You needed that wardrobe overhaul anyhow.
Scenario: Did we mention he or she also deep-sixed your leisure reading material?
Solution: ESPN The Magazine’sTake Two” and “Technique” articles break down the Allstate BCS National Championship matchup with additional content at ESPN Insider.
Scenario: Your return flight from (insert country) where you (insert activity) and even (insert activity) with (insert name) is delayed two days and you’re going to miss the Allstate BCS National Championship.
Solution: Relax and grab a (insert beverage of country you are visiting), ESPN International has all five BCS Bowls live in more countries than your passport has pages.
Scenario: ¿Qué? ¿Necesitas ver el juego en español con tu familia?

Solution: No problem. For the first time ever, ESPN Deportes will televise the Allstate BCS National Championship (U.S. only). Qué comience la acción!


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