NFL Week 15 Early Thoughts

What a topsy turvy week 15 in the NFL! A few quick thoughts…

* Sunday’s line in Denver – Tom Brady: 23-34, 320 yards, 3 TD’s (2 pass / 1 rush); Tim Tebow: 11-22, 194 yards, 2 TD’s (both rushing). Denver’s rushing game exploited New England’s defense for the first 20 minutes and then Brady exposed what had been a very solid defense for the final 40. Enough said.

* The Packers are human! Kudos to former Patriots assistant Romeo Crennel for getting his Chiefs up to the task of handing Green Bay its first loss of the season.

* So, now that the Colts have one victory – Sunday over the Titans – does this mean that Jim Caldwell’s job is safe?

* Huge win by Detroit in the Black Hole with a last second, 98-yard, game-winning TD pass from Matthew Stafford to Calvin Johnson. That’s big boy football my friends! Lions are now 9-5 and looking good for a return to the NFC Playoffs.

* Drew Brees is good. 5 TD’s against the Vikings have the Saints trying to lock down the #2 seed in the NFC by winning out.

* If it weren’t for the the Bengals and Titans trying to play their way out of contention the past few weeks, the Jets would be in trouble. Talk about being exposed – just check out the Eagles 45-19 rout of Rex’s crew Sunday.

* Give the Dolphins credit, they continue to play hard.

* Oh, how the mighty Bears have fallen – dropping to 7-7 with a 38-14 home loss to Seattle. Maybe Jay Cutler and Matt Forte were a little more valuable than the Bears thought.

* Another golden opportunity blown by the Giants, who are more up and down than the hobby horse at your local carousel.  NY’s 23-10 no-show loss to Washington, just a week after a huge victory in Dallas last Sunday night is proof positive of that.


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