NFL FOX Sunday Pregame Notes – Week 15 – Manning’s practicing?

From FOX Sports – 

Jay Glazer Reports That Peyton Manning Worked Out With Teammates
Johnson: “Packers Should Rest Players” – Strahan Disagrees
Bradshaw: “Eli Manning is Having an MVP Year”
Long: Rams Are Physically Decimated
FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer reported that Colts quarterback Peyton Manning worked with some of his teammates after practice:  “After the Colts practice this week, Peyton Manning got some pads on, came out to the practice field and actually worked with running backs and receivers.  Now he didn’t practice with the team.  The team is going to make sure to emphasize that he did not practice with everybody else.  Peyton Manning wants to play this year and he’s trying to work with some of the running backs and receivers with pads on.  It’s not just Peyton out there working on a long toss.  Peyton had pads on and worked with some of the players there after practice.”
Analyst Michael Strahan on if the Packers should try to go undefeated rather than rest key players down the stretch: “There’s one answer. Yes! Yes! Why not? You’re this close, try to finish.  They need to wrap up home field throughout the playoffs.  But after that, to be perfect, that’s something special.  You have to do it. You don’t pull back right now.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson disagrees: “You would regret that if you lost the Super Bowl or you didn’t make it to the Super Bowl and you tried to get this undefeated season.  The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl, not go undefeated.  You rest those players.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson on the firing of head coaches throughout the league: “Probably 6-9 head coaches will be fired this year.  To the uneducated fan and a lot owners: losing season, fire the coach.  Tom Landry did not have a winning season his last three years.  In fact, he finished 3-13.  He didn’t all of a sudden become a bad coach.  Mike Ditka didn’t have a winning season his last four.  He also finished 3-13.  Bill Belichick had one winning season out of five while at Cleveland. Sometimes it’s more than just the head coach.”
Analyst Howie Long added: “There is no greater example of that than the Rams.  The Rams were a team that was picked to contend for the NFC West.  Their record is what it is and Steve Spagnuolo has to own that record.  But I can’t remember a team in the 18 years we’ve been doing this that has been as decimated as they’ve been.  The secondary is shot, the offensive line is shot, wide receiving core is shot, young franchise quarterback is injured, missed time, playing hurt, and Steven Jackson has missed time.  I can’t remember a team that’s been more physically decimated than the Rams.”
Co-host Terry Bradshaw on Giants quarterback Eli Manning: “Eli Manning is having an MVP year.  By far he’s the guy that has carried this football team.  And he will have to.  Jets are coming up, Cowboys are coming up and he’ll play well against both of those teams.”
Analyst Michael Strahan on which quarterbacks could be in the running to break Dan Marino’s single season record for passing yards: “Drew Brees and Tom Brady both have the best chance of breaking it looking at their schedule that’s coming up.  Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning have a lot of tough games within their division, so those two are out.”
Co-host Terry Bradshaw on Texans quarterback T.J. Yates and how far he can take the team in the playoffs: “He’s got a great arm, great size, he’s athletic, he can run and he can lead just by evidence of his teammates talking about how cool and calm he is in the huddle and in the pocket.  I think he’ll do well.”
Jimmy Johnson is impressed with the effect Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has on his teammates:“More than any other player I’ve ever seen, Tim Tebow brings out the best in everybody around him.  Everybody around him just plays so much better when he is on the field.”

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