NFL FOX Sunday Pregame Notes – Week 14

From FOX Sports – 

Bradshaw to Archie Manning: Don’t Call Me Tomorrow If You Don’t Like What I Say About Your Sons
FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer Reports on Players Getting Around Concussion Rules
Strahan: Cam Newton Has Helped RG3’s Stock in NFL Draft
Johnson: Garrett’s Poor Clock Management Could Cost Cowboys a Playoff Spot
Co-host Terry Bradshaw thinks Archie Manning should stay out of his son’s football careers: “He complained about Troy Aikman’s criticism of Eli Manning, he orchestrated the draft that got Eli out of San Diego and into New York.  When I criticized Peyton Manning on this program after a playoff game, he didn’t appreciate my comments. I didn’t hear from Peyton after those comments, I heard from you Archie.  Don’t call me tomorrow Archie. I thank God that I have a father that stayed out of my football career, let me be a man, take my lumps and make something out of my life.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson on what the NFC East will come down to:  “Looking at the remainder of the schedule, the winner of the Giants vs. Cowboys game wins the NFC East and the loser is out and doesn’t even make the Wild Card.  For the NFC Wild Card you’re looking at Atlanta and then either Chicago or Detroit being the last one for that spot.”
FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer reports how players are getting around concussion rules to get back into the game:  “What players are now doing according to several trainers that I’ve talked to, is that when they come over to the player, the player is immediately saying ‘I don’t have a concussion, it’s my finger’ or ‘I don’t have a concussion, it’s my knee’.  They get them off on that.  It’s a big problem when a player doesn’t admit that he has a concussion.  The Browns are supposed to give Colt McCoy a ‘Scat 2’ test, but even with the Scat 2 test, it’s hard to see those concussion-like symptoms right when it happens.  The symptoms kick-in often much later than the actual hit.”
Analyst Michael Strahan believes Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III has Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton to thank: “The best thing for RG3 has been Cam Newton.  His ability to throw the ball, move the team and his mobility is intriguing.  JaMarcus Russell almost closed the door for that style of quarterback; Cam Newton has opened it up.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson sounds off on Dallas timeout and clock management in this week’s Fired Up segment: “Last Sunday I wanted to scream at the end of the Arizona-Dallas game because the hard work put in by all those players was for naught because of a split-second screw up at the end. I would have thought the Cowboys rectified their timeout issues, it was just three weeks ago when Romo called a timeout he didn’t have only to be saved when Washington’s Mike Shanahan called one first. When I coached, I managed the clock and every game situation. I coached two great quarterbacks, Troy Aikman and Dan Marino, but I never allowed them to call a timeout unless it was an emergency and preferably when they were looking at me. The biggest deficiency in a lot of head coaches – I’d say more than half the league – is their faulty use of situational football, clock management and the use of timeouts. Believe me, a screw up like that could cost the Cowboys a playoff berth.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson on what the Colts should do with Peyton Manning when it comes time in March to pay him his bonus: “Restructure the contract.  If he won’t restructure the contract cut him and draft Andrew Luck.”
Analyst Howie Long believes Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid’s job is safe:  “In my mind, how they finish this season dictates how many changes are going to be made.  I think Andy Reid is safe and he should be.”
Analyst Jimmy Johnson says Eagles head coach Andy Reid should hire Steve Spagnuolo as his defensive coordinator: “Andy needs to move current defensive coordinator Juan Castillo back to offensive line coach. He needs to hire Steve Spagnuolo as the defensive coordinator.”
Analyst Michael Strahan says today’s Giants game comes down to confidence:  “This game isn’t about talent. Both of these teams are talented.  It’s about confidence.  The Giants are coming off a loss last week and seemed to have gained some confidence that some of the players and fans are hoping gets them back to the 2007 season when the Giants lost to the undefeated Patriots in the last game of the regular season.”
Co-host Terry Bradshaw would not want to play for Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett:  “You blew 21 seconds off the clock, then waited until 7 seconds and called a timeout.  You went home on an airplane with a timeout in your back pocket and you never told us why. To me, if you’re my head coach and you don’t stand up and face the music and take the punishment, I don’t want to play for you.” 
Analysts Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan agree on one thing, that Tim Tebow is a great leader:
Jimmy Johnson: “Tim Tebow has gotten much better in the conventional offense.  He’s throwing the ball much better, his accuracy improved last week and I think it’s going to get better as time goes on.  I love him as a leader and I love him as a runner.  As a quarterback, he’s getting there but he’s not there yet.”

Michael Strahan:  “He makes other guys around him play better. If you’re on that defense, you’re saying to yourself ‘we just have to keep the game close’ because if he’s on the field in the 4th quarter, with the ball in his hands, this guy is going to do it.’  He’s proven it time and time again.”


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