NBA TV tips off Free Agency

From NBA TV- 

Notes from NBA TV’s Game Time Midnight Coverage of the NBA FreeAgency Preview
 Friday,December 9, 2011
NBATV’s Game Time
Vince Cellini (NBA TVhost), David Aldridge (NBA TV/TNT reporter), Matt Harpring (NBA TV analyst), SekouSmith (
NBATV’s Harpring comments on the three-team trade involving New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul going to the L.A. Lakers but fell through tonight: “I don’t even know if thisdeal would’ve made the Lakers better.”
NBATV’s Aldridge comments on Shane Battier joining the Miami Heat and the prospects for success:“I think itworks if LeBron James plays power forward.”
CaronButler comments after agreeing to a 3-year, $24 million deal to play with the L.A. Clippers: “I was looking for the best fit for meright now.”
Butler on the prospect ofplaying with Blake Griffin: “It’s going to be fun. It’s ahighlight reel just waiting to happen night-in and night-out.”
Aldridgecomments on the Orlando Magic’s DwightHoward and whether or not he will be in Orlandothrough the entire season: “The Magic still believe there is a chance – a smallchance – that Dwight will stay.”
Harpringcomments on the Magic’s Dwight Howard: “I don’t think there is a chanceDwight Howard stays in Orlando.”
Harpringcomments on the L.A. Clippers DeAndre Jordan:“There arethings he does that you can’t teach.”

Aldridgecomments on the L.A. Clippers DeAndre Jordanand other teams’ interest in signing him as a free agent: “There will be offer sheets put on him[but] most people believe the L.A. Clippers will want to keep that nucleustogether.”


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