NBA TV talks 2011-12 Schedule

From NBA TV –

Notesfrom NBA TV’s Coverage of the 2011-12 NBA Schedule Launch on Game TimeTuesday, December 6, 2011
NBATV’s Game Time
Vince Cellini (NBA TVhost), Steve Smith (NBA TV analyst), Greg Anthony (NBA TV analyst), Coach MikeFratello (TNT/NBA TV analyst)
Miami Heat forward Chris Boshon the Finals rematch with the defending champion Dallas Mavericks: “It’s exciting for us to beback playing basketball. It’s exciting for the fans. Christmas Day isalways big games. To open up the season with that, I think it’s great.It’s going to be a little bitter for us because we’re going to haveto watch them raise their banner, but it will be great motivation.”
Bosh onwhat he will bring to the Heat this season: “During the summer I looked at a lot of film. Isaw a lot of situations where I could’ve been really aggressive and Imissed some opportunities. This year I don’t think there will be manysurprises as far as my teammates go.”
Bosh onwhether he ever got used to the circus atmosphere of playing for Miami last season andbeing everyone’s “big game” last year: “I wasn’t ready for it. Itconstantly surprised me. I love big game situations and with us it was everynight. I didn’t have the right attitude to attack every situation, everynight. I have taken note and I’m going to push myself to get better everysingle day and to win every night.”
Smith onhow teams will look at this year’s schedule: “If you catch a team on aback-to-back-to-back night…You’ve got to dissect the schedule allthe way through trying to manufacture how you can get to a championship and winit.”
Smith onthe Heat’s focus this season: “Going through losing a championship,they’ll be more focused.”
Smith onthe DallasMavericks’ need to re-sign Tyson Chandler: “I think right now Tyson Chandler is the mostimportant free agent because he allowed them to play in a different style. Ithink the Dallas Mavericks have to have Tyson Chandler back.” 
TNT/NBATV analyst Mike Fratello on the BostonCeltics:“This team sorely needs back-up players. Boston is going for it right now. Depth isthe biggest concern for the Celtics.”
NBA TVanalyst Greg Anthony on the ChicagoBulls starting the season on the road for seven of their first nine games: “If you play .500 or just abovethat, you feel real good about that. On the road is where you really developthat chemistry because you have that ‘us against the world’mentality.”
Smith onwhat it will take for the players this season to succeed with the rigorous66-game schedule:“Take care of your body and get ready for this marathon.”



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