NFL FOX Sunday Pregame Notes – Week 13

From FOX Sports –

Johnson: Stick A Fork In The Giants, They’re Done

FOX NFL Insider Jay Glazer: Bears Have No Interest In McNabb

Bradshaw: Bengals QB Andy Dalton Is My Rookie Of The Year

Jimmy Johnson doesn’t think the New York Giants will make the playoffs:  “I’m sticking a fork in the New York Giants.  Not because of Eli Manning, but because of the Giants defense which is 28th in the league.  They’ll be lucky to finish 8-8.”

Later in the show, former Giants superstar and FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Michael Strahan pointed out what else is wrong with his former team: “They have talent but what the Giants are lacking right now is a running game and they’re lacking that spark on defense.”

FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer reported an update on Indianapolis Colts star QB Peyton Manning:  “The neck finally fused and what he’s been told is that he can now have impact.  Not the type of impact where he can go out and take a hit on the football field but more so for impact where he can go on a treadmill, start throwing and you can get your body shaking around.  Believe it or not, Peyton Manning still wants to practice and maybe play which I don’t think is going to happen.  He wants to get out there and try to practice with this team.  He still, however, needs to get those muscles to grow back.”

FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer reports on the Minnesota Vikings who cut QB Donovan McNabb earlier this week:“He never showed a sense of urgency out there.  The Vikings said every game, when he was in there it was almost like it was a preseason game.  When they finally benched him, that week, he lit it up.  That’s exactly why he was benched.  That’s not what we saw when he was starting.  Also, in talking with the Chicago Bears this morning, they said they have no interest in Donovan McNabb.”

During FOX NFL SUNDAY’s ‘Fired Up’ segment, Michael Strahan talked about Donovan McNabb’s future:  “I don’t believe Donovan McNabb’s career in the NFL as a starting quarterback is over, at least as a fan I hope not.  The hardest part of being a professional athlete may not be playing the game but knowing when to stop.”  

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on Tim Tebow and the Broncos’ draft plans: “I think Denver at the end of the year, if there is a quarterback available, definitely will draft a quarterback.  Tim Tebow’s delivery is extremely slow.  He’s actually a fullback playing quarterback, but it doesn’t matter because all he does is drop back and look for Eric Decker.”

Analyst Howie Long when asked if Andy Reid will be the head coach of the Eagles next year:“Yes.  I think there might be some staff changes and could be some personnel changes.  What do they do with DeSean Jackson?”

Co-host Terry Bradshaw on the Offensive Rookie of the Year: “I’m going with Andy Dalton in Cincinnati based on the job he’s done.  Newton is awesome, but I’m going with the wins.”

Analyst Michael Strahan disagrees: “I think Cam Newton coming in as the first overall pick, has a few records on the line right now as a rookie, I go with him.”

Analyst Jimmy Johnson on the Bengals playoff chances: “The schedule really is favorable for Cincinnati right now.  Andy Dalton has 16 touchdowns, only 12 interceptions.  I’ve had a couple of rookie quarterbacks before and for him to play this well has been outstanding.  On top of that, the fifth rated defense in the league, so they’re playing good defense.  The only thing they need to do to make a run and possibly get 11 wins to make a wild card, they need more takeaways.  If they can get some takeaways, they can finish up strong.”

Analyst Michael Strahan added: “This team has gone from a coach who was on the hot seat to now a coach that’s coaching a hot team.  When you have A.J. Green playing the way he’s playing, Andy Dalton playing the way he’s playing, you can see the future there in Cincinnati.”

Analyst Michael Strahan on Cam Newton being within two touchdowns of the single season rushing touchdown record for a quarterback and 647 passing yards away from the single season passing record for a rookie:  “I think he’ll break both.  Looking at his average yards per game, he’s got no problem with the passing.  And knowing how they use him in the red area, I think they are going to give him an opportunity to run a few in.”

Legendary Steelers QB Terry Bradshaw is excited for a potential playoff matchup involving his former team and Howie Long’s former team the Oakland Raiders:  “The thing I’m most excited about with the playoffs around the corner is that if the Raiders win the division and the Steelers are the fifth seed, Pittsburgh would travel out to Oakland and it would be the first time since 1984 that these two teams face each other in the playoffs.  I hope that happens.”


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