NFL Picks – Week 12

November 25, 2020

Texans at Lions (Thursday 12:30pm CBS)
Boy did Deshaun Watson look good against the Patriots. If the Lions were healthy, this one would be more entertaining.
Winner: Texans

Washington at Cowboys (Thursday 4:30pm FOX)
Who saw that one coming? The Boys, with an upset win in Minnesota are right back in the NFC Least race.
Winner: Cowboys

Ravens at Steelers (Sunday 1:15pm NBC)
This one gets moved from Thanksgiving Night to Sunday afternoon due to the Ravens COVID-19 positive tests. This one is Baltimore MUST have. Unfortunately, the Steelers are 10-0, mad about the moving of the game, would love to bury them and are plain out better than them.
Winner: Steelers

Cardinals at Patriots (Sunday 1pm FOX)
Kyler Murray, with 10 days coming off a loss in Seattle, has to be licking his chops at what DeShaun Watson did last Sunday against New England. Murray’s dinged up shoulder (sprained ac joint) bears watching.
Winner: Cardinals

Dolphins at Jets (Sunday 1pm CBS)
Tua Tagovailoa will get his job back to start. If the Dolphins can’t rebound here after a loss in Denver, they aren’t the team we thought they were.
Winner: Dolphins

Panthers at Vikings (Sunday 1pm FOX)
I guess we can say these two teams are still in the hunt. That’s about all we can say though.
Winner: Vikings

Browns at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm CBS)
The Browns are all about winning games they should in 2020. This is one of those games.
Winner: Browns

Titans at Colts (Sunday 1pm CBS)
Both teams coming off last second wins sets us a tasty rematch from two weeks ago. Can the Colts do it again? If they can, they’ll be AFC South Champs.
Winner: Colts

Giants at Bengals (Sunday 1pm FOX)
With Joe Burrow, this one could’ve been interesting. Without him now, this is a MUST WIN game for the surging (we kid!) Giants, who remain relevant in the NFC Least.
Winner: Giants

Chargers at Bills (Sunday 1pm CBS)
Herbert vs. Allen will be entertaining!
Winner: Bills

Raiders at Falcons (Sunday 1pm CBS)
The Raiders will rue leaving too much time for Patrick Mahomes last Sunday night. Take care of business here though and you continue to be in the AFC playoff mix.
Winner: Raiders

49ers at Rams (Sunday 4:05pm FOX)
Suddenly, we’re talking about the first place LA Rams!
Winner: Rams

Saints at Broncos (Sunday 4:05pm FOX)
The Saints are now 6-0 without Drew Brees the past two seasons. They’ll have to make it 7-0 in order to keep the top spot in the NFC.
Winner: Saints

Chiefs at Buccaneers (Sunday 4:25pm CBS)
Marquee match-up of the week. Can Tom Brady hold up his end of the bargain here?
Winner: Chiefs

Bears at Packers (Sunday 8:20pm NBC)
Green Bay’s smarting after giving up a 14 point second half lead in Indy last week. They won’t make the same mistake against a Bears team that’s still unsure who’ll start at QB.
Winner: Packers

Seahawks at Eagles (Monday 8:15pm ESPN)
Seattle gets 10-days to prep for an Eagles team that’s not very good. Finally, the Seahawks defense has come to light too along with a running game that’s getting healthier, which should make Russell WIlson even more dangerous.
Winner: Seahawks

Last week: 7-7
Season: 97-60

Things Rattling Around My Head – Monday, November 23

November 23, 2020

A few thoughts rattling around the old dome for a rainy, pre-Thanksgiving Monday here in Southern New England.

  • – With the Patriots loss in Houston, it’s safe to say we can put an end to the playoff hopes for 2020, even with the added 7th playoff spot. Sure, we’ve know since the free agaent losses, the COVID-19 opt-outs and not having some guy named Brady as your Qb for the first time in 20 years, this year’s edition of the Patriots wasn’t going to be terrific. Now, 10 games in, we know that there’s not enough talent and they just can’t get things done late and in the clutch. Losses to Seattle, Buffalo, Denver and now Houston on final drives plus a mental lapse with a coronavirus-stricken Cam Newton have proven just that. Cam is good enough when the running game is going well and the defense is playing up to what it should be in the secondary, but that’s been too far and few with inconsistency not being a friendly word in Foxboro. So, enjoy Arizona, LA Chargers and LA Rams the next few weeks before closing out with divisional games against the Bills, Dolphins and Jets. All six games should be played with an eye focused firmly on 2021. 2020, like it has been in so many ways, should be forgotten.
  • – As for Newton, he can at times throw a good deep ball. His touchdown to Damiere Byrd proved that. But, it’s with the easy, medium tosses that Newton is just awful at. There’s no touch, no accuracy and he never puts his receiver in a good position to move after the catch.
  • – Shame on Josh McDaniels! After an opening drive highlighted by Damien Harris’ td run, McDaniels abandoned the run and got pass happy after the Texans immediately tied the score on their opening salvo. Maybe he thought the Pats’ D couldn’t keep up so he thought Newton had to go to shootout mode. Unfortunately, Newton can’t function in that type of game anymore. Teams are stacking the box against the run and Newton just can’t adjust at the line or quickly enough on blitzes to make a successful day of it for New England. Can couldn’t even recognize a guy coming right at him from his right side. That’s one part of the game the Patriots sorely miss TB12, the quick adjustments at the line and in blitz-mode.
  • – I wish the media would stop harping on the line that the secondary is the strength of this defense. They haven’t been for weeks now. DeShaun Watson torched them on every front with pinpoint passes, throwing for 2 scores and running over Devon McCourty for another. Not that there was any pass rush to help out the back end, that could’ve help. But time after time, Watson hit his tight ends in the first half and then added in Will Fuller, Keke Coutee and Brandin Cooks as the game went on.
  • – Speaking of tight ends, the trend on not effectively using theirs in New England continues. Ryan Izzo can’t block and wasn’t use until a late pass in the fourth quarter. As for the drafted tight ends, well, you know, there still MIA.
  • – If the Patriots had trouble with Watson and company, I can only imagine what Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Christian Kirk, Larry Fitzgerald, Kenyan Drake and Chase Edmonds will do this Sunday. The Cards come in with 10 days of rest and angry with a last-second loss at Seattle.
  • – Elsewhere in the division, the Dolphins coughed one up in Denver. That’s a hiccup that could cost them the division title down the road. Tua Tagovailoa got pulled after a 6-sack, 83-yard passing day with 1 TD. Brian Flores says he’s still the starter, but for sure, he’s on a short leash.
  • – How about them Chiefs? With revenge on their mind, KC came roaring back in the final seconds on a Patrick Mahomes to Travis “Wide Open” Kelce score to top the Raiders 35-31. Sure, the Steelers are 10-0, but the Chiefs may still be the best team in the AFC when all is said and done.
  • – Tough weekend for Celtics President Danny Ainge. He loses Gordon Hayward for nothing after he reportedly had a sign-and-trade deal done with the Pacers that would’ve sent Hayward back home to Indiana and net the Celtics Myles Turner & Doug McDermott. Reports say Ainge wanted more and one day later, Hayward was headed to Charlotte on a four-year $120 million deal. Then, Trader Danny sees Paul Milsap opt to stay in Denver instead of coming to Boston. In some positive news, Ainge signed center Tristan Thompson and guard Jeff Teague to deals that will bring some veteran leadership and punch. Gone are Enes Kanter, Vincent Porier and Brad Wannamaker. In good news, Jayson Tatum signed his $195 million rookie max deal, solidifying him in Celtic green for the next four years, maybe five is he opts in for the final year.
  • – Do the Red Sox have a number one starter yet?
  • – The WWE’ final farewell to The Undertaker was very well done Sunday night at the Survivor Series. It’s a shame that COVID-19 left the farewall to happen in front of no live fans though.
  • – Happy to see “A Million Little Things” back on my tv screen. It’s an awesome show. If you’re not watching it, binge the first year and have your tissues handy.
  • – So, what’s your new Thanksgiving tradition this year in our new normal World?

NFL Week 11 Picks

November 18, 2020

Cardinals at Seahawks (Thursday 8:20pm FOX/NFL Network)
Just a couple of weeks ago, this was a 37-34 overtime win for the Cardinals on SNF. Russell Wilson hasn’t looked the same since this one and has 6 turnovers the last two weeks. Winner stays in first place in the NFC West. The question is, can the Cards stay as high as that last second Hail Murray game-winning TD to DeAndre Hopkins?
Winner: Seahawks

Patriots at Texans (Sunday 1pm CBS)
Dare we say 3 in a row for the Patriots? If they do, they’ll be back at .500 for the first time since week 4.
Winner: Patriots

Falcons at Saints (Sunday 1pm FOX)
No Drew Brees for a big stretch for the second year in a row for the Saints. Can Jameis Winston do what Teddy Bridgewater did last year? Falcons are playing well under Raheem Morris (3-1) and come in off the bye.
Winner: Saints

Bengals at Washington (Sunday 1pm CBS)
Joe Burrow came back down to the Earth against Pittsburgh last Sunday. Must win game for Washington to stay alive in the NFC least.
Winner: Bengals

Steelers at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm CBS)
This is one you just don’t want anyone to get hurt in Steelers. The Ravens await Thanksgiving Night.
Winner: Steelers

Eagles at Browns (Sunday 1pm FOX)
Both teams need this one to keep playoff hopes alive. The Eagles are more desperate after a loss to the Giants last Sunday.
Winner: Browns

Lions at Panthers (Sunday 1pm FOX)
Both starting QB’s are banged up in this one.
Winner: Panthers

Titans at Ravens (Sunday 1pm CBS)
The Ravens have to be chopping at the bit after a missed opportunity lost in Foxboro. Titans defense looks completely lost.
Winner: Ravens

Jets at Chargers (Sunday 4:05pm CBS)
NY takes the Tank for Trevor road show to LA. Justin Herbert is smiling.
Winner: Chargers

Dolphins at Broncos (Sunday 4:05pm CBS)
Miami is the hottest team in the NFL right now and may get to face a backup QB this week if Drew Lock (ribs) can’t go.
Winner: Dolphins

Cowboys at Vikings (Sunday 4:25pm FOX)
The Vikings are getting things back in gear and face a Dallas defense that can’t stop anyone. Hello Dalvin Cook!
Winner: Vikings

Packers at Colts (Sunday 4:25pm FOX)
Game of the afternoon as Green Bay takes on the #1 defense in the league. Packers better have more energy than they had against the Jags last Sunday.
Winner: Packers

Chiefs at Raiders (Sunday 8:20pm NBC)
Las Vegas has its entire starting defense on the COVID-19 list this week due to close contacts. As if the Chiefs needed more help in a revenge game from earlier this season when the Raiders rolled KC for a comeback victory.
Winner: Chiefs

Rams at Buccaneers (Sunday 8:15pm ESPN)
Suddenly, the Rams have figured out that running the ball and good defense wins games again as they’re tied for first in the NFC West. That’ll be tested against the up-and-down Bucs. Aaron Donald may be looking for some Super Bowl revenge against Tom Brady.
Winner: Buccaneers

Byes: 49ers, Giants, Bears, Bills

Last week: 11-3
Season: 90-53

NFL Week 10 Picks

November 11, 2020

Colts at Titans (Thursday 8:20pm on FOX/NFL Network)
These two teams go at it twice in the next three weeks. Cue Derrick Henry, who has been huge every other game the past month. Last week, just 68 yards. Beware Colts!
Winner: Titans

Eagles at Giants (Sunday 1pm FOX)
The Eagles are the best team in the NFC East. Now, after a week off, it’s time to prove it.
Winner: Eagles

Jaguars at Packers (Sunday 1pm FOX)
10 days off to prep for the Jags at home for Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams and friends. No need to tank this week Jags.
Winner: Packers

Washington at Lions (Sunday 1pm FOX)
Flip a coin.
Winner : Lions

Texans at Browns (Sunday 1pm FOX)
If the Browns want to be a playoff team in 2020, these are the games they MUST win.
Winner: Browns

Buccaners at Panthers (Sunday 1pm FOX)
Which way will the Bucs go? Wallow in their misery of the Saints shallacking or rise above it? The Panthers will keep this one close.
Winner: Buccaneers

Chargers at Dolphins (Sunday 4:05pm CBS)
Sneaky game of the day right here! Everything points Dolphins. Usually, that means run the other way. Maybe not this time.
Winner: Dolphins

Broncos at Raiders (Sunday 4:05pm CBS)
Surprisingly, both of these teams are still in the hunt for the AFC Playoffs. But, let’s be honest. Only the Raiders are truly in that chase.
Winner: Raiders

Bills at Cardinals (Sunday 4:05pm CBS
Game of the day right here on paper! Murray vs. Allen. First one to 40 wins.
Winner: Cardinals

49ers at Saints (Sunday 4:25pm FOX)
Remember last year’s 48-46 shootout between these two in the Dome? It won’t be like that this time.
Winner: Saints

Seahawks at Rams (Sunday 4:25pm FOX)
Seattle got exposed big time last week in Buffalo. Either the Seattle defense steps up or this will be a lost season no matter what Russell Wilson does.
Winner: Rams

Bengals at Steelers (Sunday 4:25pm FOX)
The huge caviat is will Ben Roethlisberger play in this one as he begins the week on the COVID-19 list. If he does, the Steelers should be fine. If not, Mr. Burrow could steal one.
Winner: Steelers

Ravens at Patriots (Sunday 8:20pm NBC)
The good news for the Patriots was that they won in week 9. The bad news for the Patriots is the Ravens are not the Jets.
Winner: Ravens

Vikings at Bears (Monday 8:15pm ESPN)
Dalvin Cook has been immense the past two weeks. If he’s still on, he alone could outscore the Bears offense.
Winner: Vikings

Last week: 8-6
Season: 79-50

Welcome back Alex Cora

November 10, 2020

Welcome back to Boston Alex Cora!

The roller coaster ride continues in Boston. Cora won the World Series in his first yaear in 2018, fell to last place in 2019 and was fired for his role in the Houston Astros cheating 2018 scandal in 2020. Now, after sitting out that shortened 2020 season, Cora reclaims his spot as manager of the Boston Red Sox with the official announcement today at Fenway Park.

Whether he deserves his spot back in Boston is a conversation for another column. I, for one, say the man served his punishment for his role in the Houston Astros 2017-18 cheating scandal and he’s fine to be given a second chance.

On the field, the team he now manages is a far cry from the one he led to the World Series. Gone are Mookie Betts, David Price, Rick Porcello, Mitch Moreland, Joe Kelly, Craig Kimbrel and others. Injured are Chris Sale (Tommy John surgery) and Eduardo Rodriguez (COVID-19). As for free agents that could be gone, the only one of any consequence is Jackie Bradley, Jr., who’s not expected to return.

So, what does this team look like headed into 2021? Well, here’s your best guess at a starting line-up before free agency and trades begin:

C – Christian Vazquez
1B – Bobby Dalbec
2B – Christian Arroyo / Michael Chavis
SS – Xander Bogaerts
3B – Rafael Devers
LF – Andrew Benintendi
CF – Alex Verdugo
RF – Michael Chavis/?
DH – JD Martinez

As for the starting rotation, with Martin Perez not likely to return in free agency, the only given is Nathan Eovaldi. Houck impressed in his first three starts in September but it would be a stretch to guarantee him a spot already and count on a high level of success.

P – Eduardo Rodriguez
P – Tanner Houck
P – Nathan Eovaldi
P – Nick Pivetta
P – ?

In the bullpen, Matt Barnes returns, hopefully not to the closer spot though. Darwinzon Hernandez, Ryan Brasier, Austin Brice and Josh Taylor should be there too. But there are plenty of holes to fill on the pitching side.

Could the Red Sox be in the running for George Springer, DJ Lemahieu, Liam Hendricks, Trevor Bauer or Brad Hand? Boston is about $33 million under the tax threshold as they are still paying $16 million for Price in 2021 and again in 2022. So, we’ll see if Chaim Bloom spends or goes cheap as he did in Tampa. Bloom did well trading for talent as well, so that might be the way to go as well in his first full season in Boston.

It’s far too early to make any definitive decision on the 2021 Boston Red Sox but the one thing that we can say is this. They’ll be better at the managerial spot with Cora back than interim manager Ron Roenicke.

Things Rattling Around My Head – Tuesday, November 10

November 10, 2020

Welcome to Tuesday! Time to rattle the cages, err, I mean my dome to get things out after that epic Patriots/Jets game Monday night.

  • – Let’s not go crazy Patriots Nation. A win is a win, but last night’s victory over the winless Jets doesn’t mean New England is back. They had to come from 10 points down just to win on Nick Folk’s 51-yard field goal. Take it for what it was. A victory that, for the moment, stops the bleeding of a four-game losing streak.
  • I’ll be honest, didn’t think Folk still had the leg to get that 51-yarder there with a bad back. Glad he did, with room to spare.
  • – The positives. Jakobi Meyers snatching 12 catches for 169 yards. Clearly, he’s Cam Newton’s woobie at this point in time. We all knew he could play, so it’s good to see him get a chance. He’s not a #1 receiver by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s a good 2 or 3. The problem is that the Patriots don’t have a true #1, regardless of when or if Julian Edelman i ever healthy again.
  • – As for Cam Newton, he didn’t turn the ball over, so that’s a plus. He ran for two touchdowns, which is a positive too. Still, he’s thrown for 2 TD’s and 7 interceptions in seven games this season. That’s not an NFL quarterback stat line folks. Going 27-35 for 274 is better than he has been doing, but they’ll have to find ways to stretch the field if they truly wanet to get back in the race.
  • – The running game, led by Damien Harris and his 71 yards, rushed for 159 yards on 41 carries. That’s a huge help. Now, let’s see how injured Harris is after he left the game in the fourth quarter. That run game helped the Pats dominate time of possession (36-23) as the New England offense was on the field for 81 plays while the defense was on the field for 46 snaps. David Andrews and Joe Thuney anchoring that offensive line again is a huge plus. Now, if they could all just stay healthy for more than a half.
  • James White is just not the same player he was with Tom Brady. Just sayin’.
  • – The negatives. How do you let Joe Flacco throw for three touchdowns, 262 yards and a few long throws? Not one of JC Jackson’s finest performances, even despite his game-changing interception that Flacco gifted him to let the Patriots go down for a tying score.
  • – It was another game in which the defense let the opposing defense come right down the field and get points. It’s a disturbing trend for a team that’s supposedly well coached.
  • – Sure, the Patriots were without Stephon Gilmore, Lawrence Guy, Ja’Whaun Bentley, N’Keal Harry and all their TE’s not named Ryan Izzo, along with Julian Edelman, but in the NFL, it’s no excuse. Next man up, we’ve all been preached. This year, that depth just is not there.
  • – Nice to see Chase Winovich back at regular snap count. He was back up to 67% (31 snaps) after a paltry 8% one week ago.
  • – Next up is the Ravens and a whole different level Sunday night in Foxboro. Joe Flacco to Lamar Jackson is like going from day to night in terms of containment. Stop the TE’s and the running game folks.
  • – Alex Cora is back in Boston. That’s step 1 of the rebuild. Get me Trevor Bauer, DJ Lemahieu and we’ll start getting excited about 2021. The key will be rebuilding the pitching staff. Are Eduardo Rodriguez and ChriSale even a factor in 2021? Who knows at this point, but Cora will need them, along with true major league arms if Boston is to go anywhere. Oh yeah, how about a closer too? Matt Barnes is NOT that guy.
  • – The NBA wants to come back on December 22nd. Feels like they just left. If I was them, I would wait until after the Super Bowl.
  • – Can’t wait for the season 3 of Cobra Kai to come out in January. Sure, the season finale for season 2 was truly far-fetched (no spoilers here), but it laid the groundwork for what’s ahead.
  • – Damn, tough Monday with COVID-19 in the SEC and around college football. Lots of issues and headaches ahead with postponements. UPDATE: Alabama vs. LSU reportedly won’t be played Saturday.
  • – Yes, it’s not a mirage. The Masters is this week. Sergio Garcia is out due to the coronavirus. The defending champ, Tiger Woods is a shamble of his 2019 self. But either way, Augusta is always good to see no matter what the circumstances.e
  • – Because of the Masters, CBS only has 3 NFL games in the 4pm window this Sunday as they start final round coverage at 10am. I’m hoping CBS sends either Dolphins vs. C hargers or Bills vs. Cardinals. FOX late game is set to be Bengals vs. Steelers here in the Northeast after we get Brady and the Bucs vs. Panthers at 1pm.
  • – Give yourself a pat on the back if you voted last week. Record numbers. Record turnout. And now, it seems like we’re getting a record tantrum from the incumbent in the White House. Like everything else in 2020, it’s time to move ahead.

Patriots/Jets – Saturday Week 9 Injury Report

November 8, 2020



WR N’Keal Harry (concussion) – DNP

RB J.J. Taylor (illness) – DNP


LB Ja’Whaun Bentley (groin) – LP

LB Shilique Calhoun (knee) – LP

DT Carl Davis (concussion) – LP

S Cody Davis (calf) – LP

S Kyle Dugger (ankle) – LP

K Nick Folk (back) – DNP

CB Stephon Gilmore (knee) – LP

DL Lawrence Guy (shoulder, elbow and knee) – LP

RB Damien Harris (ankle) – LP

TE Ryan Izzo (hamstring) – LP

CB J.C. Jackson (knee) – LP

TE Dalton Keene (knee) – LP

G Shaq Mason (calf) – LP

DE John Simon (elbow) – LP

G Joe Thuney (ankle) – LP

DE Deatrich Wise (knee, hand) – LP

T Isaiah Wynn (ankle) – LP



LB Blake Cashman (hamstrings) – DNP

TE Trevon Wesco (ankle) – DNP


QB Sam Darnold (right shoulder) – DNP

K Sam Ficken (right groin) – DNP

WR Vyncint Smith (groin) – DNP

DL Quinnen Williams (hamstring) – DNP


OL Josh Andrews (shoulder) – LP

WR Jamison Crowder (groin) – LP

DL John Franklin-Myers (knee) – LP

OL Connor McGovern (knee) – LP

DL Nathan Shepherd (back) – LP

Patriots/Jets – Week 9 Thursday Injury Report

November 5, 2020

Let’s just say that this Thursday injury report for the Patriots and Jets is….lengthy!


DT Carl Davis (concussion)
CB Stephon Gilmore (knee)
DL Lawrence Guy (shoulder, elbow and knee)
WR N’Keal Harry (concussion)
RB J.J. Taylor (illness)

LB Ja’Whaun Bentley (groin)
LB Shilique Calhoun (knee)
S Kyle Dugger (ankle)
RB Damien Harris (ankle)
TE Ryan Izzo (hamstring)
CB J.C. Jackson (knee)
TE Dalton Keene (knee)
G Shaq Mason (calf)
DE John Simon (elbow)
G Joe Thuney (ankle)
DE Deatrich Wise (knee, hand)
T Isaiah Wynn (ankle)


LB Blake Cashman (hamstrings)
WR Jamison Crowder (groin)
QB Sam Darnold (right shoulder)
DL Nathan Shepherd (back)
DL Quinnen Williams (hamstring)

OL Josh Andrews (shoulder)
K Sam Ficken (right groin)
DL John Franklin-Myers (knee)
LB Jordan Jenkins (rib / shoulder)
OL Connor McGovern (knee)
WR Breshad Perriman (concussion)
WR Vyncint Smith (groin)
TE Trevon Wesco (ankle)

OL Mekhi Becton (ankle)
RB Frank Gore (hand)

NFL Week 9 Picks

November 4, 2020

Byes: Eagles, Rams, Browns, Bengals

Packers at 49ers (Thursday 8:20pm, FOX)
Call this the “Who’s not here game.” Both teams have been hit hard by injuries and COVID-19. Aaron Jones is questionable with a calf injury while Jamaal Williams and AJ Dillon are both missing due to COVID-19 for the Packers. Jimmy Garoppolo (ankle), George Kittle (foot), Trent Williams (COVID-19), Brandon Aiyuk (COVID-19), Tevin Coleman (knee) and Kendrick Borne (COVID-19) are gone for the 49ers. There’s still a chance the game gets moved to later in week 9 too. UPDATE: Jones is playing.
Winner: Packers

Giants at Washington (Sunday 1pm, FOX)
Sorry Giants, that was pass interference Monday night and you got screwed. Don’t look now, but Washington could be in the mix for the NFC East. Nice little offense with Terry McLaurin leading the way.
Winner: Washington

Bears at Titans (Sunday 1pm, FOX)
Good spot here for the Titans to get out of their mini-two game funk.
Winner: Titans

Lions at Vikings (Sunday 1pm, CBS)
Holy Dalvin Cook! Where has that Vikings team been all year with that upset in Green Bay last Sunday? Lions QB Matt Stafford landed on the COVID-19 list Wednesday due to a close contact but is expected to play.
Winner: Vikings

Panthers at Chiefs (Sunday 1pm, FOX)
Teddy Bridgewater is practicing but is still smarting from that neck injury against the Falcons. Watching the Chiefs play offense could give him more whiplash.
Winner: Chiefs

Texans at Jaguars (Sunday 1pm, CBS)
Give the Jags credit. They’re trying hard to stay in the tank for Trevor race. This week, QB Jake Luton takes over for Minshew-mania.
Winner: Texans

Ravens at Colts (Sunday 1pm, CBS)
The Ravens just aren’t right and that falls at Lamar Jackson’s feet. The final two drives against Pittsburgh might have turned out differently had this been 2019 instead of 2020. The Colts are getting healthier, minus T.Y. Hilton’s latest injury (groin). Having Darius Leonard back is a huge plus!
Winner: Colts

Seahawks at Bills (Sunday 1pm, FOX)
Most entertaining game of the early window in a battle of six win teams. The Bills will have to wake-up. Russell Wilson won’t give them chances like Cam Newton did last week.
Winner: Seahawks

Broncos at Falcons (Sunday 1pm, CBS)
Luck vs. Ryan could be fun if you’re watching on the Red Zone.
Winner: Falcons

Raiders at Chargers (Sunday 4:05pm, FOX)
Simply put, the Chargers are snake bitten. But this week, the up-and-down Raiders return to LA. Still think the Raiders giving up just 6 points last week in Cleveland speaks more about the Browns (and the wild weather) than it does about the Raiders.
Winner: Chargers

Steelers at Cowboys (Sunday 4:25pm, CBS)
This will get UGLY very early as the Cowboys try QB #4 on the season. It’ll be Cooper Rush or Garrett Gilbert throwing passes this week for Big D.
Winner: Steelers

Dolphins at Cardinals (Sunday 4:25pm, CBS)
This could be the most fun game of the day. Kyler Murray vs. Tua Tagovailoa with both teams surprisingly fighting for a playoff spot. Just wish more of the Nation could see it as most will get Steelers vs. Cowboys on CBS in the late window.
Winner: Cardinals

Saints at Buccaneers (Sunday 8:20pm, NBC)
Primetime is the right time for the two most prolific TD passes of our generation. Brady vs. Brees, part 2. Both teams are playing much better than they did back in week 1. The Saints get back Michael Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Tampa Bay adds Antonio Brown and could get Chris Godwin back too.
Winner: Bucs

Patriots at Jets (Monday, 8:15pm, ESPN)
This is not the match-up ESPN envisioned when they got the schedule back in April. Could Bill Belichick screw the Jets again by playing worse than them in their treck to tank for Trevor?
Winner: Patriots

Last week: 6-8
Season: 73-44

Patriots/Bills – Friday Week 8 Injury Report

October 30, 2020

A lengthy injury report Friday for the Patriots and Bills heading into Sunday’s game in Buffalo. Who will play WR for the Patriots with Julian Edelman and N’Keal Harry both ruled out? Who knows who steps up since no one really has been doing ANYTHING the past two weeks.


DT Carl Davis (concussion) – DNP
WR N’Keal Harry (concussion) – DNP
WR Julian Edelman (knee) – DNP

LB Shilique Calhoun (knee) – LP
DB Kyle Dugger (ankle) – LP
CB Stephon Gilmore (knee) – DNP
DT Lawrence Guy (ankle) – LP
RB Damien Harris (ankle) – LP
OL Justin Herron (ankle) – LP
CB J.C. Jackson (knee) – LP
TE Dalton Keene – LP
G Shaq Mason (calf) – LP
DE John Simon (shoulder) – LP
G Joe Thuney (ankle) – LP


G Cody Ford (knee) – DNP
CB Josh Norman (hamstring) -DNP

DT Vernon Butler (groin) – DNP
DE Jerry Hughes (foot) – FP
S Micah Hyde (concussion) – DNP
DT Quinton Jefferson (knee) – FP
CB Cam Lewis (wrist) – LP
LB Matt Milano (pectoral) – LP
G Brian Winters (knee) – FP

DNP – Did Not Participate in practice
LP – Limited Availability – Less than 100% of practice
FP – Full Availability – 100% of practice

Out – will not play
Questionable – uncertain to play